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I enjoyed attending such a small school where there was a sense of community. I felt comfortable in knowing that I could approach any of my teachers and that they would respond in a friendly matter. However, aside from the personable manner of everyone, I feel like the education system itself is lacking. There were no divine opportunities or classes that prepared me for the real world and even the trade school classes were very generic in their curriculum.
I attended a community college close to home. Therefore, I have had a slower rather than drastic transition into the real world.
There were a variety of clubs and organizations offered here, yet hardly any after school programs.
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The acceptance in the school is very hard to earn, considering it is a small town with old morals many adults and students are not okay with social acceptance
The teaching is okay, many teacher s are excellent at what they do and can manage their classrooms very well but many cannot, also the teachers overload us with so much tedious work that is not teaching us anything.
The athletic opportunities are available but may lack the mentality of the coaches and or players to win
Our school lunches are horrible, there is not much a variety and not cooked well at all
My overall experience at my school has been wonderful. I have been apart of many organizations and sports team, and one thing for sure is that our whole school can come together for wonderful school spirit. My favorite thing bout school is that everyone knows everyone
I feel as the school does try to make the school as safe as they can but with a county jail less than 10 minutes away anything can happen.
The athletic facilities are in good condition but there's room for improvements. We have a lot of school spirits, when one of our players or team makes it to something really big. Our school makes it into a field trip and get a bus and take us up there to support our team or player.
There is little to no bullying. Dress code is very far, students who can't passed their exams have to wear collar shirts and jeans. Those that have passed wear whatever they like as long as its within dress code. Office staff is very helpful and informational. They well do whatever they can to help because most of them went to school or taught our parents.
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