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Central High School Reviews

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The teachers were very diverse. They loved to hear our opinions and ideas.
The teacher didnt put up with misbehavior at all. Punishments fit the crimes well.
Lunch had many options and a very long break.
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It was an alternative school. Kids were into some troubling stuff.
There was no sports in our school.
The school had all kinds of students there. Racially, interest, etc.
The learning environment was excellent. Teachers helped greatly and really cared about our learning experience.
The resources were limited. Yet, we had access to certain technology and transportation. But it was very poor.
It was a very fun and diverse school, education was great. The students were not very involved in school. They didnt want to be there and they didnt care about their work or their grades.
There are some teachers there that are trying their hardest to still care about making a difference. Overall the teachers have just given up.
There are no extracurriculars at this school besides doing drugs with the gangs.
The school is very diverse in regard to ethinic/racial diversity.
This high school only helps you graduate and then pushes you out. They don't care about anything else other than their success numbers.
Overall this school is what you would expect from an alternative school in a small town. It is mostly used for kids with disciplinary issues. So if you are looking to just graduate early, you should probably look online.
The safety in this school is almost non-existent. All the kids are in gangs and will threaten the life of anyone else that isn't a part of their gang.
The academics offered at this school are just the very basic core classes.
The attendance policy is super strict and if you miss more than three days you are forced to drop out of your registered classes.
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The School lunches here are horrible. They are very limited to what they offer and all their options are unhealthy.
The academics offered at Central were all general courses. They didn't have hardly any AP/honors classes available. The teachers gave quite a bit of homework, but they let you work at your own pace and give you one major deadline halfway through the course credit. Some of the teachers didn't teach you at all. They just gave you a book for the course and a large packet with all the assignments in it and you turned it in at the end of the course credit. I didn't exactly like learning this way because I feel like I didn't learn it as well as I would have if a teacher had explained it to me. Instead I just had to try and read out the book and learn on my own. A popular class that a lot of kids took was the cooking class. Mostly because you got to make really good food for yourself and other classmates.
This school was mostly disappointing. The style of teaching that was offered there was not exactly my type of learning. I had a few good teachers who really tried to make an impact, as well as teachers who weren't as concerned about your future, just a paycheck. My favorite thing about Central High is, that because it's so small, everyone knows everyone. Since there are not really any cliques, you become really good friends with a lot of different people. It feels like family.
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