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I loved my time at Central. The teachers were passionate about teaching us and preparing us for college. I made many lifelong friends. One thing I would change is the curriculum. Having advisors were a big help in assisting students on their college applications and the enrollment process in general.
There is a variety of different after clubs at Central and it is a diverse school. An issue that I have is that the food is pretty bad and I feel like I am not being challenged enough in most of my classes.
My experience at Central High School could’ve been better. Lucky I had a decent amount of teachers that cared about me and my success. I would like to more teachers and staff putting in more effort to make sure their students are good and feel supported.
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I loved my AP teachers and the way the school day was set up. Only thing I would change is that they should allow us to eat outside.
I liked this school but they could improve a little if they wanted to. They’re great people, and I would like this school to improve and be a better school. I’ve had a lot of experiences, good and bad but I learned that even when I was going through some obstacles I had to keep going, and that’s something tough to learn.
There are the good times, like senior dress up week and prom.

There’s the funny stuff, like pranking your friends. And lectures. lots and lots of lectures. that’s just how high school goes. I learned many valuable life lessons as well as made new friends. I learned the value of hard work, dedication, and also how to tell your real friends from the others. It was tough but overall a great experience that i will soon miss.
I like the environment of my school, not a lot of people are goal oriented though. Most teachers teach but some just give packets. The overall safety of the school is about 80% safe. The food is not that pleasing.
Central has a rich cultural diversity which I like, I have get to know people from all continents and about different cultures.
What I liked about Central High School was the different kinds of clubs they had to offer. Throughout my years in Central, I have joined many clubs with all kinds of diversity and for any type of student. What I would like to change would be parents involvement. Not many parents are involved in the school's affairs and it would be better if they did.
Amazing school. Many teachers there are engaged in the learning and try their best with students. It is a school where no matter how hard a task is, everyone plans to overcome the task with the support of others.
The school is infested with mold, A principal was fired for assault on a student. None of the teachers can teach, students with special needs are placed in general ed classes.
Central High School have a lot of activities to join and offer and I enjoyed that the most. I would like to see more events happening in the future at Central High School.
As a senior in Central High School, I have been strolling the halls since freshmen year and everyone told me that high school would be the best time of everyone’s lives but that wasn’t the case. It is a great high school but it lacks divestiture, compassion, integrity, and unity. I feel like we aren’t really united as one with all he differences. Not only that but the school lacks so much spirit, the administrators and adults hardly motivate students to go beyond their limits, learning should be fun, and parents never get involved. Besides the fact that no one taught us the importance of self-love, I think Central still has some great aspects like the multiple clubs and activities offered and the greatest people you’ll find in this small community. I think Centtal was an okay experience as a teenager going into college. If I could relive high school again, I wouldn’t dare.
I like the school activity the teachers are very good although they can improve some things in the school. They can improve on the food. They can improve on the school spirt. There is not enough school spirt
I loved the principal Ms.Carlson, she turned the whole school around. The majority of the teachers were friendly.
There was insufficient access to the computer. computers were unavailable for the classes. There wasn't a lot of college guidance. I wish there were more opportunities which aid and prepared the student for college.
My experience at central High school they were excellent, what I like about central is that they care about your opinion. I would never change anything about central it’s perfect the way it’s.
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Central High School changed me in many ways, it made me believe in myself, it made me confident, Independent and gave me strength to push further in my studies. What I liked the most about Central was that it was influenced with many cultures and mainly was diverse. It was infused with different beliefs and backgrounds, which made Central so great. The program and sports that are given from this school is also outstanding. I learned so many great things from this school, the staff and the students are very respectful.
The school is pretty diverse, pretty open. Central is like its own little family. I was able to have the opportunity to take AP classes. I was also able to be involved in numerous after school activities from grade 9 to grade 12.
Overall if you count that extracurricular consist of 90% sports than its not bad. Football needs a lot of help as well as baseball because they're in the wrong divisions but the rest are doing fine and you can make a name for yourself if You really want to put the work in. Central is a school that will always recognize its athletes.
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