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I enjoyed every minute of my education during my 4+ years enrolled at Central High School. The principals and faculty are open and welcoming, and they are always there to help students succeed. Everyone at Central High School and in the community are like a close knit family that love and protect each other.
It wasn't a terrible school, but it wasn't great either. Some teachers don't seem to care and let their students just goof around or sleep.
The atmosphere of the high school is not very good. There are a few teachers there who genuinely try to focus on teaching students, but mostly the staff is too preoccupied with their own drama to focus on what is best for the students.
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Central High School is a very small school made up of roughly 400 kids. African Americans are a minority here and I never realized how that would impact my life. I came from a school where racism never came up or was ever talked about because we didn't have that problem but when I moved here that all changed.When I got to high school that's when all the name calling and racism really came to play. I'm a strong individual and I don't feed into anyone's unhappiness so I toughed it out and when I decided to tell the "Adults" about it they told me that there's nothing they can do and just be the bigger person. This school has changed me for the better and worse and really changed my outlook on people but let me not just talk about the bad, let's talk about the good. This school has excellent teachers who are willing to put in the extra hours to make sure you graduate and well aware of the concepts they are teaching. That's about it though.
Central High School has provided my class with endless resources to ensure our future success. We have many on-campus college coaches and counselors that are constantly keeping up with updated scholarship opportunities for us. They have held on-campus clinics such as for the meningitis shot. Our counselors aided us with ACT, SAT, and TSI sign ups our junior and senior years. Our counselor and GEAR UP coordinator even helped us sign up for summer and fall semester classes for college.
The teachers try to push us and teach us everything that they can so that we can be successful. They want us to have an easier college experience.
We have a diverse school which makes every day interesting and different from the last.
There are many extracurricular activities at the school but many of them do not get the proper support and backing that they deserve.
Most parents want to be involved in their child's high school experience. They show up to all of the events that they can attend and try to keep the attitude positive.
The teachers can come off as insensitive and uncaring sometimes but they do understand their jobs and what they are teaching most of the time. Most teachers are more than willing to help struggling students whenever they ask for help or seem to be having a hard time.
The teachers at Central are all about helping us become better students. The teachers make sure that we understand the topic they are teaching. Our teachers make it a comfortable setting to ask questions. Our teachers use smart boards, dry erase boards, overheard projectors, and videos to teach us. Whichever way they teach us, they make sure all students are listening by asking questions to random students. Our teachers bring real life situations into lessons, so that we can get a better understanding. Our teachers have made my four years of high school superb.
Just an all around good school. I would recommend Central High School to anyone. Especially over all of the surrounding schools.
Teachers will help you until you really understand.
The teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging.
My overall experience has been great I know everyone in my graduating class. I have had a very active live out of school thanks to their extra activities offered. I will be graduating high school with a Certified Nurse Aide certifications that to their options of classes.
The food services is okay they have two different lines you can choose from and they always have some salads, sandwich , and baked potato and the other lines change different food everyday.
Our school does a great job of keep all their student in line. We really don't have that much problem of bullying well not as much as other schools.
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I believe we have lots of school spirit to support our teams when they go to compete.
Our teachers try their best to teach us what we need to know to succeed in life.Some of our teachers even do a lot more than what they are pay for because they say they are not here or the money they are her because they like helping the student that want to succeed.
There are many type of organization you have FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America),FFA, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Golf , National Honor Society, National Art Society, Weight Lifting Team, CNA( Certified Nurse Aide ), EMT Emergencies Medical Technician. There is a bit for everyone.
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