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Its an environment that would introduce any student to a wide variety of cultures and heritages. Central also provides all the experiences you would find a typical high school, but it is also an open-minded student body that finds racism, bigotry, and all other subjective behaviors cruel and unfitting of a high school environment. Central will also provide you with all the facilities and resources you need to be successful in high school which includes free lunch, computer labs, an extra study hall class period, and constant help and support. Central is also an easily accessible school as the light rail runs right up alongside it, and overall Central High School is a great high school experience.
My experience is wonderful. They have done many upgrades to the school, this made the school a much better place.
I attended Central High school 2014-2018. Coming from Goodyear Arizona it was a big change. I had no friends at first but automatically fell in love with the school and what it brought me. Central offers so much diversity and culture on their campus and completely embraces it in every aspect. The only place I feel it lacks is in college readiness. I had a hard time feeling encouraged and really hard time getting the resources I needed to move forward. Other then that I completely recommend CHS for students in the phoenix area.
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Something i enjoy about Central High School is Student Government. Student Government has gave me the best high school experience so far and the sponsors of the club are very supportive towards the students.
At Central I met some of the best people to enter my life. From faculty to foreign exchange students to my peers, Central has put me into contact with numerous individuals from different backgrounds. In addition to diversity, Central's academics are not too bad either and there are a multitude of resources for students.
Central High School had it's pros and cons, just as any other school does. Some of the best things to be found on campus are helpful teachers and a diverse population of students where everyone is able to feel welcome. In advanced placement classes, teachers exceed at offering the students a multitude of resources to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. Looking at some of the things that could use some improvement, it is evident that the food isnt the best in the world. Along with this, for my senior year, the cafeteria was under construction. Everyone was told that by our spring break, it would be finished, but knowing the typical speed of the school, most knew that this was a lie, and the reality consisted of the cafeteria nearing completion towards the very end of the school year. Overall, meh..?
Central High was beyond amazing. Not only were all my teachers supportive and caring, but the Global Studies Magnet Program is what truly made my experience all the greatest. Thanks to that amazing program, I got to travel to Japan, Costa Rica and France! it was an experience I'll always cherish and never forget. There' so much diversity there and so many opportunities for students to learn about other cultures whether it's on campus or hands on in another country.
What I like about Central High School is how it is diverse. You get to meet a variety of ethicity. I also like the assembly that are planned.
The academics are not all that great but there are a few teachers here that really care about students academic growth and readiness for college. There are also many fun sports and clubs to join.
It's my first year at Central I was frustrated at first and then I got the hang of it. It is a magnet school and the magnet is global studies im in my third year of Spanish and I have great teachers.
Central High School has offered me a variety of activities and clubs to a part of. It has a unique magnet program which allows to students to travel all over the world. I have been able to go to China and learn immensely about the culture. I have not only been able to go beyond the country and same lifestyle, but my family and I have been able to host multiple students from around the world. Central has also offered me many resources for college and future plans after high school. The diversity of Central gives a fun and learning experience every day for their students. Central can definitely alter to be a safer campus especially with upsprung of danger in schools. It can also better ensure the parents are more involved with their students and teachers. As well as the many sports and clubs offered at central.
There are many things I like about central High school and many things I dislike about it. One thing good about it is the teachers most are chill and not strict and very friendly. Another aspect to appreciate how the school is trying to change. For instance, they repainted the school least year and currently they are rebuilding a new cafeteria. One of the many things I dislike about is its diversity every class, every time I walk around it’s full of Hispanics. I myself am a Hispanic and not a racist but I very would appreciate getting to know many cultures of the school. One is the students. Many I see around the school act like they’re in 6th grade and very childish. In conclusion the school isn’t bad is the students they need to act like adults and behave themsleves
It was a really nice school with lots of diversity. The teachers were amazing and really did try to help you when you had difficulties understanding
It was a very diverse school. However, that’s pretty much where everything (that’s good) stops. Most of the aspects of this school is very mediocre.
Central is a very friendly and diverse school. The teachers were always friendly and ready to help whenever i had questions. The students were also very friendly and outgoing. The staff did a great job of keeping the school tidy and in great shape. The only thing I would really change is the cafeteria food. There weren't a lot of options, and the options we had weren't very healthy. Other than that, it is a great school.
My experience in going to Central High Scholl was able to be in the culinary program and joining another program that involved cooking competitions.
What i liked about Central High School is that you will not feel alone you will fit in and find friends. The teachers push you hard because they believe in you.The staff always finds a way to help you out in your problems.The education programs are amazing! I took 4 years of Chinese there.
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I had a good time at Central. I made a lot of friends who like me as a person. The school funding was poor but with the people that I made friends with helped me out get through tough times.
I liked my experience at Central High School. The Staff was very friendly and they were always willing to help with anything you may need. The security there was great as well. They would communicate well with the students and they made the school feel safe. One thing that I would like to see change is the how they manage there time in class. On days that we go out early, we would just be in class watching videos and it is great sometimes but personally I did not learn like that.
Can I be honest? This school doesn’t help to get into any university. If you’re planning to go to some competitive universities, then you have to seek for resources and challenge by yourself because most of students who attend this school don’t care about their career paths. Classes tend to be easy and lame. Even some AP classes are really poor. However, you can get high GPA due to easy courses and less competition. But don’t expect to get helped to prepare for universities like any other high schools. Also, quality of food and facilities are bad. Even though the school isn’t academic and helpful for college prep, there are many teachers who work hard to improve this school.(there are also lots of lazy teachers) They keep trying to motivate students and giving higher quality of education. But still, it’s C school and it needs to have more competitive classes.
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