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Freshman year you are separated from the upperclassman and are treated like babies. It's a completely different experience once you become a sophomore. Also, school officials are very homophobic and controlling.
I love the school culture and the way everyone gets along sometimes. I don't like how the principles don't take care of situations.
Central High School is an amazing school! They have some of the best teachers and staff members around. The education and athletics is outstanding!!
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It was an ok school. The students were mostly mean but the teachers were good. The work load wasn't too bad.
For the most part the school was excellent. There were a few teachers who didn’t care about your kid. Though most of the staff did cars they even helped me graduate early.
I like and appreciate the interaction students receive from most teachers and the academic program, and also teachers, provide students with knowledge they wouldn't have received at any other insitute.
It was the best four years of my life. The teachers that I had very good and made an everlasting impression on me. I really enjoyed how much my high school had to offer like culinary, HVAC, automotive, and much more. I love my school.
Central high school is a great place to establish lasting relationships with students and with teachers. I would have not made it all four years had I not had the help of the teachers who cared so much about my future. The teachers are heavily invested in the students and the counselors do everything in their power to make sure the students are ready for their future.
If i were to rate my overall experience attending Central High School, i would most certainly give it a 5 star rating. I have attended Central all 3 of my years, and i've had a blast, Especially being apart of the football team. We won the State Championship and i loved every minute of it.
It's a pretty good school. I am a sophomore right now and I would say it is pretty easy and the entire staff is super nice. They make sure we know what we need to in order to thrive later on in college and the real world. We have had like three fights break out through out the school year ,but they were stopped relatively quick. The honor classes are challenging ,but you will definitely learn from them. We also have an AMAZING football team and our games are always so much fun to go to.
Overall, a great and ever improving school. Every year the school board makes changes and improvements that enhance the high school experience. I've established bonds and relationships that cannot be severed. I've learned from teachers who actually care about us students. I learn life lessons and tools fnot included in the curriculum.
Central High School is a very good school. The teachers are great. The staff members are very friendly. Everyone there is always ready to help.
What I liked about Central High School is that everyone had a lot of school spirit. Everyone participated in all the school activities. They will get you ready for college as early as possible.
I never had a problem with central it’s a great school it’s just up to your children to learn what is being taught.
Central Highschool is a good school. The food could be better.Overall the atmosphere is very welcoming. There are many clubs to join and our football team is 2nd in the state. I am currently involved in the Uplift,Show Choir,Diamond Dolls,Prom Comittee,Musical Theatre and Acapella programs as well as Thespian Society. There’s quite a bit of parent involvement opportunities which is comforting that parents get the chance to be involved in their children’s lives.
Central provided my son with a broad range of activities to enrich him. He participated in Career tech and AP/Dual enrollment classes while being a two sport athlete.
This was a great high school to attend in Phenix City they always wanted to you succeed. The counselors was helpful getting you in college.
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I made a lot of friends. winning attitude made you want to achieve a higher grade. it was a great place to grow and figure out if what you want to do once you graduate.
I love the methods that the teachers used to teach the students. One thing I would change is the time span we are given to learn a new lesson.
Central High school cares about individuals and their learning experience. However there are some teachers that do not, I do believe that these teachers are very close to being let go.
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