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Best faculty and staff in the entire state!
Every teacher I had was intelligent and kind.
If I could do it all over again, I would still attend Central High School. Out of all of the public schools in the area, CHS is definitely the best choice for a better education.
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With the use of technology in classrooms, I think the teachers at this school are able to teach more engaging lessons.
I think that this is a good school because it has a policy that keeps student´s grades up. There is not overwhelming amounts of homework given out because the teachers take that in consideration. Something I dislike about this school is that it does not have a soccer team. Our school is large enough for one, even though they claim we are not, yet we will not get one. The major reason is that our school board is afraid it will weaken our football team. They don´t consider that they are not offering the best for the students but the best for the schools reputation.
The school is a good school with good academics.
The buildings are fairly new. The hallways are a little crowded because of the recent increase of students. The college prep is awesome. Every student is offered the opportunity to complete college credit classes while in high school.
The teachers are very qualified. They are always helpful.
I went on to the community college in the area. I had college credit from there that I received in high school.
The academics of the school come first. Always an after school help option for extra help.
Its really hard not to get involved. Every year the town basically shuts down for the homecoming parade. Most reunions happen at the football games.
Our school was not very culturally diverse.
The administration was very strict. Dress code was something that our principal was very strict about.
For the most part, it was a safe school. I never felt threatened. However, bullying did occur on occasion.
I was involved in the band and our principal was very supportive of us. Most schools in the area have sports as the focus. The aacademics were also top notch. We received distinction in performance for at least 6 years in a row.
Our sports teams were great. Always had plenty of involvement by students and staff.
The flavor wasn't the best.
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The cooks try to make food as tasty and health as possible.
The only reason why our teachers get four stars instead of five is because we have a couple of teachers that know their stuff on their subject but are not that great at teaching it. Other than that they are amazing.
Our school offer more than enough extracurricular activities. I am actually involved in over 75% of all extracurricular activity.
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