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In Central everyday was about making good choices.Central has a lot of diversity and not just color but abilities.Even though there's a lot of diversity no one is treated differently. In fact, I would see some people standing up for some people who had a lot of diversity. All of that is not just building our vision of being successful but knowing how to live in a community where everything that seems different form one true environment.Central has taught me a lot of things especially about the world.It's taught me what will happen when I'm all grown up like the way the world will be.My overall experience was very good and it has gotten me ready for my life after this.
Central High School is overall okay. I like the family and friends I have at Central other than that nothing else. I think funding could really increasing, and that would improve the quality of everything.
It is a good school with a nice faculty and intriguing academics. Although very small, Central is very diverse.
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Central High School was a great high school to attend. They had plenty of opportunities and students who wanted to do well. I also never really witnessed any bullying either, which is amazing to think back about.
Central High School is an okay public school. The best part of going to Central is sometimes being around people and the worst part is sometimes we don’t get taught all the information we need.
Central High School has been good to me. I have made many friends and done exceptionally well on the playing fields in ny time there. However, they are not preparing students to go off to college.
I am a rising senior at Central and I feel that Central needs to do better in preparing students for college. They could do this through greater AP involvement and better administration which would help students through high school.
I liked the teacher they do more than just teach a subject they also help with other needs as well. I would like for some of the rules would change like the bathroom rule and the no holes above the knees rule. Overall its a good school
I absolutely love it at central. The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. One thing I would like to see changed is how information is shared with the students.
It was not that great of a school it lacked stability and the administration has little concern for natural bodily functions such as using the bathroom.
This high school was very well. The teachers thought a little vigorous, but this in turn made it better for the students in the long run. Most teachers would not let kids slack off and they took care of them.
they had many different extracurricular activities and raised money so that they could keep those activities
had good days and had some bad days
the teachers there did the best they could do when kids where being totally disrespectful during class
Even though this school had inadequate teaching methods/material, it allowed me to grow closer with my peers as a person and it also allowed for me to build my people skills quite thoroughly.
The reason why this school isn't the greatest, is that only a selected few teachers actually try to teach and help the students, while other teachers just pass you because they've grown tired of you. Another reason it isn't an adequate teaching facility is that some teachers grade according on favorability. One grades may suffer without deserving it or one may get good grades without effort depending on your likeness.
There are not many opportunities to join extracurricular's at this school and the extracurricular's we do have are hardly ever recognized for there accomplishments.
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The only reason I have enjoyed my time here like I have is because of the band. If I had to do it all over again I probably would choose differently.
The teachers are adequate in there teaching ability considering what they are given to work with, but seem to enjoy giving the students opportunities to learn.
its not the best but its okay
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