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My experience at Central High School has been really fascinating. Central is very diverse and you meet new people that are from different cultures everyday.
Central is the best high school in Omaha. Every student is full of spirit, classes are ethnically and politically diverse, and the history is amazing.
I love Central High School. It has been an amazing school for me and i would recommend it to everyone in Omaha heading into high school. The teachers are amazing, the classwork is rigorous, and the counselors are kind. If you are considering a high school in Omaha, go here!
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It was a good school as far as high school goes. It was very diverse and had some really great teachers.
The best thing about central is the diversity and the staff. Central high has a very diverse student body, this makes class discussions richer and overall improves the high school experience. Central also has some very dedicated teachers, counsels, etc. I was in the IB program and all the teachers in the program really do their best to help the students succeed.
The one down-side to central is that the upper-level staff, while they mean well, can make the school come across as arrogant.
There are many useful and challenging Ap Courses! All of my teachers were willing to stay after school to assist me when needed. The clubs are a bit disappointing. A lot of them are disorganized. The athletics and arts are fantastic!
Central High school is full of many different types of people and they all come to learn all that they can in their high school years. I love the diversity and meeting new people. The classes are challenging but prepare you for college. The teachers want you to do the best you can, but also give you responsibilities to get your work in on time. I am so glad I went to Central and I would not choose any other school over it.
I would like to the security not walk around and rather watch the kids who skip and do there job. The school really needs to look at what they are feeding the kids half the time it’s raw.
I am a 1995 alumni of Central High School. Central has prepared me for the hardships of college and the many structured papers. I am now pursuing my Masters Degree and I am thankful for Central in preparing me to do my best and excel. It has been a while since I walked those halls, but I love the diversity among peers and more diversity in activities as well. The school strives for excellent but as with anything, it is an individual student walk. Seizing the opportunity to be great and an excellent in all you do. That is the motivation Central has done for me. My daughter is no an 2016 alumni and she graduated with honors. Central is what you as an individual make it. I am excited to say my last baby girl will be a 2019 freshman, embarking on her journey. It is a school of capabilities and opportunity if you allow it to be. Central is the first step of beginning your journey.
I love the diversity and the people there, but not everything is perfect. I believe that Central got a four star rating because it is an amazing school, but there are aspects such as it’s density, lack of books in the library and the stairs.
The teachers at this school really care about you and your academics, they make sure that you’re involved in clubs/activities that fit your personality and your strengths and they want to help you grow and succeed.
Central high school was an excellent school to attend. I enjoyed the programs, teachers, and overall atmosphere of the entire facility.
I loved going to Central High School, the one thing that I would recommend is more accessibility for the students who need to use the elevator, the school does not have many ramps so that can cause an issue for those students.
I loved the people there. The staff were extremely kind and always set a great example for the students expectations. There was also an unbelievable amount of diversity and all students were made to feel welcomed at Central.
I was a big part of the music program and it made me want to continue music further. I felt like I was welcomed into the music department, especially by the teachers. I had some amazing teachers that helped me grow as a musician and a person and I don't know what I'd do without them. Learning music is also one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do and I recommend it to anyone that is slightly interested in music. I had many opportunities while I attended high school such as playing in the pit in musicals, playing many concerts, and even playing gigs sometimes. I wouldn't trade my experience at Central High School for the world.
Central High School is the most unique high school in all of Nebraska and possibly the United States. The teachers there are amazing and deeply care for each and every student. This is the same for the rest of the faculty. Everyone works diligently to make sure students have equal opportunities of success. The students are also incredible. Almost every student works hard and is nice to everyone. At Central there is a place for everyone no matter what you look like or what you believe in!
I love Central. Central is an amazing school and is preparing me well for college. The worst thing about Central are the stairs. The best thing about Central is the diversity. I love seeing people of color and having peers who speak other languages than English. That is amazing.
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Central High School is an amazing and diverse school. The staff is overall great and caring towards all students.
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Central will always have a special place near and dear to my heart. Lots of my favorite memories were made at this high school and got me prepared for college extremely well. The diversity is beautiful, teachers are great, and everyone treats one another with respect. If you're a prospective student, do yourself a favor and attend Central.
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