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Central High School of Clay County Reviews

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Central High School of Clay County is the nicest school in our district. The staff is amazing and really friendly. Everyone you see on campus has a smile on their face. You could attend other schools, but choosing Clay Central overall was the best decision i have made!
Some of the teachers of Central High School are some of the best people you will meet. They are very helpful and some even treat you like you are their own child. They value and accept you.
At Central High, the students as well as the faculty are so accepting! The faculty is always ready to help whenever you need help!
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There are many things I like about Central High School of Clay County, but the thing that I like most is the diversity. At Central, there are over 500 students, which means there is a variety of religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Due to this diversity, I have become a more supportive and understanding person. One thing I would like to see change about Central is the fact that the students are not as involved as they could be. Because there is a lack of involvement, school spirit is not very high.
In central high school I was always very involved and that was one of the things I enjoyed the most, I was able to build a great resume and help myself once I got to college. Something I would change would be the "zero tolerance" for bullying policy. I would have this rule MUCH MORE enforced and ensure that more action be taken when dealing with these issues.
There is not enough typing room for all of the changes that need to be done to this school district.
Central High School of Clay County is such a beautiful campus. The student body and staff works very hard to make sure everyone feels like they are part of a family. The biggest achievement Central High School has is its willingness for volunteer work. There is nothing I would change about it.
In my experience at Clay Central, I had a wonderful relationship with my teachers, coaches, and faculty. They did as much as possible for me throughout the hardships in my life. From struggling within my family and it leading to academic problems. The staff of CHSCC was remarkable, and I would one day hope to give back to them as they did for me in my life.
It's an okay school. It would be better if it didn't start out so poorly. If you want your child to attend a school that focuses on academics, fine arts and college/career readiness, a school in a larger city is suggested. However if you want him/her to attend a school with a good FFA organization and learn to carry chewing tobacco in their back pocket then this is the school for you.
The last 6 years have been great. I have learned and grew a lot in the last 6 years. I liked being in the Marching Volunteers Band for the last 6 years, I have got to go different places with them. I am currently the section leader of the Mellophone section. We also attend several different competitions every year. I truly enjoy the band and working with amazing talent. Our school currently focuses more on football than our band. Our football team currently gets funding from our school but our band is funded solely on fundraisers and the concession stand on friday nights. I would like to see in the future where our school will contribute and support on band as much as they support and contribute to the football team.
Small town school with small town feel. Most teachers are considerate and care for their students. Could use more activities involving students. Athletics are priority.
I recently graduated from Central High School of Clay County. It is a great newer school with many friendly teachers and students. Since it is only around six years old, it does not have a wide selection of sports and clubs available.
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