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Central offered a lot of great opportunities that most schools do not. I had many great teachers that not only helped me in school but in life as well. This school did really well with balancing education and fun.
Central High School has prepared me well for college. The staff and teachers are friendly and helplful. Our performing arts program is top notch. They offer a wide variety of classes. Many are online. I would like to see more classes offered on campus as well. I have made many friends there that have helped me along the way.
I grew up in Wise Virginia. Going to Central High School was like any other school. Football is huge, but we were not that great. I would like to see the principles be more supportive of the other sporting and academic groups/teams.
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During my 4 years at Central High School, I thought the school was very highly advanced in academics and athletics. I have enjoyed these past few years and I have enjoyed the fun opportunities we have got to partake in. For example, the lip dub video we did throughout the school and the chances to take classes from two different colleges in our area. In the upcoming years, I would like to see more classroom opportunities for students who need a little more one on one help , and more class opportunities for students who are wanting to explore different areas of studies before entering college with that major in mind. It would also be a nice change if the school could continue to get more involved with the sports teams that they offer by encouraging them and showing support for each and every sport. All in all, the school is very friendly and very high ranked in academics and athletics in our county and I’m thankful I got to attend this school.
I have enjoyed my time at Central, but do feel that being prepared for the next chapter in your life as an adult should matter also. Central needs to help the students prepare and be ready by helping them find scholarships that can help them. Or help them fill out applications to whatever school they want to apply to instead of them telling you which school you should apply too and which ones you shouldn't.
Central High School was a well rounded education for myself and many others. They offered online programs such as Virtual Virginia, and even Dual Enrollment throughout a community college in our county. For our small school I would suggest more programs for students looking to excel with college curriculum and making sure that individuals are allowed to take needed courses for basic college courses.
Central holds itself to very high academic standards, and the teachers make sure we not only meet those expectations, but surpass them as well. There is plenty of school spirit and enough clubs to join for a school with 700 kids. The lack of diversity is very evident, however not much can be done about this as this school is in a poor area in which not many people move into, if not already living here prior.
I am a junior at central and have had a wonderful experience. Central has many opportunities and an extremely supportive staff who encourages every student.
This school is wonderful if you like the small town communities. One of best reasons for going here is the fact that you have good teachers that are able to individually help each student because class sizes are small.
My experience at Central High School has been a good experience. They offer a variety of dual enrollment classes and there is a higher AP enrollment than what this website suggests.
This is a $26 million school which was recently built in Norton with not-so-good-but-not-too-bad placement.

This is a pretty solid school overall; the facilities outrank those of many schools, and there are good academic options.
Classes, like any, depend on the teacher; but most of them do care about the students.

For the atmosphere, it's alright.
You definitely feel safe; I don't see much bullying, fighting, or illegal activity around this school. We have supportive faculty, a resource officer, and a nice student body overall.

Only about 15% of the student body is racially diverse, but minorities do hardly feel threatened going to this school.
Relating to culture, most of the kids in this school are Christian, fairly well-off, and athletic; but you'll find friends to make regardless.

As for extracurriculars, there are options for so many athletic and academic activities.
We have national clubs, bible study groups, and a lot of state-winning competitive teams as well.
It is a great place for where a student can be bullied for 4+ years without consequences towards the bullies, no matter how badly it is. Over half of the faculty does not teach, they just hand out notes and allow them on all tests, exams, and finals.
I would change the focus on some sports rather than sports as a whole. Bullying isn't taken seriously as it should. But the academics are awesome.
My experience at Central High School has been average. Most of my classes have easy, as many of the teachers teach to the standardized tests, or the least material. The classes do not ready students for college; many of the college classes taught within the school, through dual enrollment, are nowhere near resembling a college class. The change being made to the school would be to increase the academic level and be more prepared for college.
I wouldn't step foot in the school for the fact I was very mistreated as was most if the other stufents.
With a lack of a LGBT+ club and a lack of funding for certain clubs/organizations, it makes it hard to want to be a part of anything.
The parents involved in the school make it obvious they only care about their kids and their kids' friends. They don't take time with those who their kid doesn't associate with.
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The teachers at CHS can be put into two categories: those who care and those who don't.

Those who care:

-Go above and beyond.

-Take time making sure a large majority of the students get a topic.

-Are very knowledgeable.

Those who don't:

-Would rather be either talking about things not important to the class.

-Don't put in the extra effort.
My experience at Central High School has been the very best that anyone could ask for. My favorite experiences were how involved I have been in extracurricular activities, and all of the friends I have made at these events. What makes this school unique is because it was built specifically for us, and all the teaching staff genuinely care for each and every student there. I would definitely choose this school again, because I have gotten the best education possible there.
The teachers at Central High School are the very best. They teach students to the best of their ability, by adding real world examples. The teachers genuinely care for the students, and respect their ideas. If anyone needed to talk to somebody about an issue they were facing, they could go to any teacher at Central High. The teachers keep their grading consistency fair, and do all the students right.
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