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Central High is an average high school which offers an average education but lacks preparation in college readiness.
I have been attending Central high school since my freshman year I love it. It’s very diverse. The staff and teachers listen to the students and help in anything.
I graduated from Central High School with Honors. Didn’t even know if that was possible but my guidance counselor and principal helped me make it possible. #ClassOf2019
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I would like to see nothing change it was a great school if you actually want to learn. Everyone was nice and easygoing as long as you mind your own business you should be fine
My experience at central was very good. I enjoy myself and the academics that we study is very good.
I love Central high school. This will be a school that I will never be able to forget. The school, teachers and students have become my family and home. Because of Cereal I'm always open to learning something new. The school made learning fun. The school is also very diverse and loving. Even though we might not be the perfect school, Central high school will always be the best school for me. I'm very grateful to be a part of that big family. Central high school have thought me a lot about life. Since 9 grade and now I am in 12, I have grown up to be the best I could be. I love Central even though the food was not what we always wanted it to be, but Central have help me in academic and help me get ready for college and the future. Central prepared me for the world. Central might not be perfect but to me, it's the best high school I could ask for.
Central High School is a great school in terms of academics and diversity. They care a lot about their students. One thing I would like to change is the sport because students don't have much support like some other schools, especially soccer. Beside that, it's nice place to be in.
Central highschool is a very good school known for its diversity. Thats what i love most about the school. Coming from west Africa i dont have to try to fit in and be like others. The school acknowledges every culture. Our. VPS and principal interact with us very well and create bonds with us like there own children. We the advantage of academies. I personally im in the dental academy wich gives me and good headstart on becoming a dentist or part of the medical feild. I would like to see an upgrade in the school lunches and breakfast. But over central is a great school
My experience at Central high school was poor just because, I was one of the ones who wanted to succeed. I feel as though going to Central high school you will face an abundance of adversity, but getting through it and Seeking help from teachers and counselors will help you along the way. I’ve became a much better student just because my surroundings, seeing. the lows of life. I’ve concluded if a person is at the bottom and you can not go lower, the only way out is to the top. If I was changing it will be the culture and out of the student school because the supports that can only do so much stress to his job to actually learn and actually want to learn.
I came to Central High School during my sophomore year, I didn't any English but they had good classes for me and people who are in a similar situation. They called it ESL( English as a Second Language), These classes made the school a diverse school because different people came there to learn English which I really love about it. they also have so many afterschool programs, Clubs and sports.
My experience in central high school at first was amazing than it later turn into average . I wish we have more activities, clubs, and I wish we come separate the. Smart kids from the average kids.
The things that I like about Central High School is that everybody is welcome there, it doesn't matter about what religion or background you came from.
central high is where everybody feel welcome. It doesn't matter where you came from or what race you are, everybody is treated with respect and equally.Its also a place where you can meet new people and get a good education.
I came into Central with a lot of issues and problem, but with the help of the staff and Mrs.Brown I was a changed person by my sophomore year. NOw I am the best person i want to be.
I love this its so good no changes need to be done its a good website.You can apply for many scholarships and so much more.
You need an ID for everything little thing you want to do for example bathrooms, just to walk to the water fountain during class time
Theirs always something to do during and after school. Its great chances of getting help with the academics that you might be struggling in
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The staff learns the students learning styles and teaches students everything they need to know by why they have learned about the students.
I love the school. Everyone is very friendly and Caring,there wasn't a time were there was something going on and no one to talk to. I couldn't imagine myself in another school, central is my family. The bond with everyone is unbreakable the staff and students there knows everyone.
They are all good teachers and they help students in need.
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