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I like the volleyball and swimming team. Also, how hype the prep rally be in the afternoon. However, the food and the lockers need improvement.
At Central High School, the teachers made me feel like they cared about me and my grades. They have never limited me to any opportunities. The teachers at Central know how to help you learn information even if you are not the brightest student. They help me display my leadership role in the student body and helped me become won of the top students in my class.
Overall, Central is great. Fellow peers are great. Administration solves any type of conflict quickly.
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I had a very successful and fulfilling academic experience with Central High School. I enjoyed the amount of freedom that I had as a student, and the teachers were even supportive with issues outside of the classroom. The Fine Arts within the school always kept me busy and involved in activities within the school.
I enjoyed my time at Central “THE” High School. The teachers were absolutely amazing the encouragement and pushed I received to do my best was tremendous. It was great to see how much our principal really cared about our grades. He would see each students report card and make small comments on them to let us know that he wants us to be successful!
Central High School is not your typical high school. When I say that, i mean that this school is very approachable if you make it your goal to get involved with the activities that they have to offer. It's very diverse, and when its time to route for our school sports teams, we do it collectively in style.
Central High is a warm welcoming family environment. It's just like any other place. If you don't step out of your conference zone, you will not experience the fun and laughter. The pep rallies were full of togetherness and enjoyment. The classrooms were a safe and progressive learning environment. I loved it. I will forever be a Central High School Warrior.
This Is An Excellent School and I would want everyone to go there if they want to learn fully and have a good time while graduating too.
My school was huge on student involvement and diversity. I loved how when I moved here, I still felt welcomed. It was like I was part of a new family. I love the level of academic honor and AP classes they have to offer.
I would say that my experiences in Central were overall positive. I've met a lot of life long friends, peculiar acquaintances, and just in general a second family.
I had a great experience in central and the teachers actually were good help. One thing that I wish was better is the administrations inclusion in the students needs.
I graduated from "THE" Central High School and I couldn't be more proud to say that I am an alum of this school. The teachers and administration at CHS are awesome!
Going to Central made me the person I am today. Not only was I challenged academically in my classes, I was challenged to think of the world around me. The teachers don't just care about your grades in their classes, they care about you as a person and want to see you succeed in all facets of life. I was able to travel abroad because I went to Central, Mrs. Berretta cares that we experience life outside of Memphis because this city isn't the only thing for us. There are so many great things to say about Central and don't let a couple of news stories scare you because we are more than a few bad situations. They have so much to offer for everyone that walks through the doors. I will always remember my four years here as some of the best I've had.
While attending Central High, i Was in the honors program here, as well as Dual Enrollment classes. Excellent school if you're serious about learning. The teachers are good, and care about what you get out of their classes & overall care about you outside of the class. Overall, what you as a student put in, is what you'll get out.The administration does a good job of making sure each child is well taken care of. Central is good. Nice part of Midtown Memphis as well. Only thing i would change about the school is to have more activities for the students.
I loved the large amount of school pride that was instilled in the students. Every pep rally and football game was full of fun and pride. I would not have traded this experience to go to any other high school.
The teachers are great and caring and understanding . Very helpful with work . School activities are always fun ! Best principal ever !!!
The Central High School is one of the most talked about and best high schools in the state of Tennessee. We are widely known for our band, track team, and music department. Central has a good reputation because we have awesome academic and optional programs and we are to school with the most school spirit.
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I enjoy the Pep Rallies. Our mascot is racist & insensitive, but I doubt the have the money or motivation from the more of the students to change it. Mrs. Working and Mrs. Berretta are amazing teachers.
It was a great opportunity to learn and interact with other races wile gaining my education. The teacher had full attention on us when they taught or just wile we where walking the halls.There were so many different clubs you could join. Also you could go to sports and love playing the game. At the same time be a student- athlete.
I LOVED my experience here. The staff was very helpful in making my high school experi very a great one. One thing I feel they need to change is making sure that the interest of the student are looked out for mostly. But, overall, this school was great for me.
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