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I like the area of the school and the friendliness of all the teachers but certian teachers teach way too fast
I personally have went to Central High School all four years of my high school career and I can say that it is quite an amazing place of education while also maintaining that fun factor everyone dreams of. All of the teachers are well rounded and get the information into your head and have it stick. Now not only that but our school has so many entertaining and fun events. Our lunches is where we lack. I mean they are edible but there is absolutely no flavor. I would rate my school a five out of five because no school can be perfect and I am glad the place where it is lacking is the lunches.
Central High School, is one many would call their home. It is located in the small town of Martinsburg, PA. It has a very small community close feel. The teachers are very helpful and willing to help you succeed. As well, since the school is so small it's very personable.
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I like the small town atmosphere yet think a larger scale environment offers more in the way of culture and diversity.
I love all of my teachers at Central High School. They have prepared me for college and for my future adult life. I also have had very good experiences with my teachers they really connect with me and truly want to help me continue my education. Lastly I love marching band, our instructor is very kind and hard working. I would highly recommend anyone to take on marching band it really helps release some energy if you love music and can't play sports.
I think the school really focuses on advancement after high school and that is a good thing. I would like to see the policies change. The controlling rope that the administration holds on the students ruins the atmosphere completely. The administration worries whether or not you have a drink in the hallway, but they completely ignore the constant discrimination of non-white students. The school needs to educate us for the world, not just to pass standardized tests.
Central High School offers many opportunities for students. There are many dual-enrollment courses for college prep. students. There is also an agriculture program as well as a building trades program. Sports include football, cross country, tennis, soccer, golf, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, and track.
I moved to Central this year and being it is my Senior year it was hard at first but in just a couple weeks i made more friends then i ever did the first few months at my old school. The teachers are unbelievably kind and always try to help students in every way they can. The kids here have been so kind and funny and very warm hearted towards new kids. Not to mention the sports teams here are amazing
I enjoyed everyone in the school, however sometimes I felt as if the school system had some minor set backs.
There is a ton of things to do after school, likes sports and different clubs
Everything at the school is great. Its small everything is easy to find.
The teachers are extremely helpful and are always willing to help out when needed
This school is unique in the way that each parent is committed to their child's education and pushes their children to succeed. The parents would come together for band events, band and choir concerts, football games, and they would always get together before graduation of each class.
The teachers in this school teach the curriculum and nothing more. They do try hard to keep each lesson engaging by using smart boards, technology, and sometimes projects. The grading scales are very consistent. Teachers would communicate assignments and expectations to students appropriately and in an easy way to understand. Most of the teachers do not take an outside interest in the students, even those struggling.
Few to no clubs, any clubs implemented were usually closed down within a few weeks. Students find it "uncool" to join clubs.
The uniqueness of this school is the aroma of cow manure that surrounds you on almost a daily basis. Also, there is an ice cream shop down the road where many students try to run off to during the day.
Few teachers there truly care about their teaching skills and their students. Most of the students are unpleasant and unclean.
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I never feel unsafe during school hours. I always feel protected.
Girls get in trouble for the way they dress on a daily basis.
Most if not all of the teachers go above and beyond their call of duty.
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