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Central high helped me obtain all the knowledge I needed to be successful in college. I will always be a proud charger.
I attend Central High School for 10th thorough 12th grade and had a different experience each year. First year was okay, a new public school since the school I attend before was a private Christian school. My first experience was average overall with everything. My junior year though maybe was my best year by far made friends, actually enjoyed going to school most days and had a better year. My senior year though was the worst, no type of college readiness that I was looking for and just didn't have a decent senior year or made good memories.
My freshman year wasn't what I anticipated; however, it was beyond AWESOME. I love the diversity here. Learning where each student comes from and their way of life is very interesting.

My math teacher offered extra tutoring after school and that showed me that Central High School has a staff that is willing to go the extra mile for us students.

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I was in the IB program offered at this school. The program is intended to give students College credit as well as more rigorous course work than the normal high school experience. The program suffered from mismanagement, lack of certified teachers, lack of books for each subject, and a constant rotation of teachers out of the IB Physics track. Other than the failure of this program, the teachers, themselves, and the facilities were great.
I like that I could learn about people background and how students are involved in different clubs that Central provide
When I first came to Central as a freshman, I didn't like the school; I come from Howard middle school where there was diversity and acceptance. At Central I felt liked they lacked those things and also disciple for their students. The teachers are outstanding because they put their full effort into helping you understand what you need to know and to help you pass the class. As a junior now I realized that you can find some people that will accept you for you. But I didn't get help understand the classes that I needed to graduate when I first came here because that might be a problem. I believe that they should focus more on the SAT or ACT a lot more.
The fine arts here is great! At Central, there is an orchestra program, chorus, drama, dance, art, ceramics, and the famous Sugarbear band! In addition to fine arts, Central has the IB program, the only school in the district to have it.
The IB program at Central High School is supported very strongly by the parents, teachers, and administration. In addition, other advanced academic programs such as AP, dual enrollment, and work based learning is offered. There is the option of French and Spanish for foreign language with native speakers. In addition, we have the highest graduation rate in the county, the lowest arrest rate in the county, and fantastic sports. Our boys and girls basketball teams are regional champions and state qualifiers regularly, our girls track team are regional and state champions, our girls cross country team are regional champions and state qualifiers annually, and our girls soccer team are usually state qualifiers. The only downside are the general education classes where the teachers aren’t as invested as with the higher level coursework.
Central High school is a great place for you to grow,learn, and develop as a person and student! At central you will have expierences that you never thought were possible, but in the long run these things will help you be a better person. I love central high school for the life lessons it has taught me!
I have had a good four years at Central High School. I enjoy that Central offers Fine Arts, the dance department is phenomenal ! Because of my dance teacher I was able to expand my dance education and skill level ! I've had a lot of great teachers, who have impacted my life in a positive way. And they have some okay teachers-not bad and not the best, but pretty alright. Central needs some more math teachers, because there is a shortage.
My school is very supportive. They want us to do well and give us opportunities to do so. However, we aren't babied. We get rewards. In the IB program, we have pretty ood teachers, who make sure we are prepared for life. I love our lunch ladies and custodians. People can be so friendly, and it's great. My experience at school has been a wonderful one, but there is no way for me to know if all of my peers would say the same.
Central High School is a awesome school to attend. Central has the best educators to help students learning. The staff is caring and willing to go the extra mile for students.
I went to central for 4 years. In my four years the only good things I learnt from there came from my band director Mr.Scott. other than him there wasn't any real resources to help prepare for college. Luckily Because of my academics I didn't have issues with college. The administration at central could barely tell you the students name and did not do much to help the students succeed. there was times we had spoiled milk at our school,rats, roaches, etc. The school focused more on putting money into smart boards and cameras rather than getting resources for students such as better books or something as simple as qualified teachers. we lost good teachers more and more every year. who were replaced by teachers under qualified to teach us as students.
I had an amazing experience at Central. I got the opportunity to meet so many people who have graced my life in the most amazing ways. At Central there was also one specific teacher who helped me so much when it came to not only my school life but my personal as well. Even though she wasn't obligated to, she helped me realize so much.
While at Central I participated in all the programs I could! I was in the Theatre magnet program and learned so much! I even had opportunities to start career tracks in technology and business, so I took a few of these classes as well. I also participated in Athletics as a cheerleader all four years there. The things I learned here, I definitely have used in college, but the dual enrollement program they offer would have been exceptional and would have prepared me even more. The school has many oppolrtunities, you just have to stay on them about exposing them.
I attended Central all four years of high school and I saw administration changes each year. I only can name a select few teachers who actually made a difference in my tenor there, most teachers didn't really care about the preparation of students for college. The overall experience could be more effective and beneficial to students.
I enjoyed being a student at Central High School very much. As a fine arts magnet school, it makes sure that everyone, including the student body and staff members lives up to the academic and behavioral expectations that will further our school. Each student is extremely motivated to perform there best inside and outside the classroom.
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I love that over the past 4 years I have experienced a lot. I went from 3 years of being the IB program to do a career pathway at Hutchings College and Career Academy. Getting straight A’s my senior year. I promise you, that it’s possible because I thought it wasn’t at first but it is. But in the end of it all my senior year was very successful and I learned a lot of life lessons to use now and in my future.
The IB program is good for preparing you for college. There are a lot of smart, talented students. Planning & communication by school officials could be better. Not very organized. Student body not very diverse. Predominantly African American so that is the culture celebrated & recognized. School could do a better job of celebrating other cultures, the diversity in the world, & preparing kids for life outside of Central.
The ib program is a great program to be in because the rigorous work prepares you for college classes and the work you have to be able to do on your own. Also the different clubs and sports make sure students are able to have the grades and participate in the extracurricular activity.
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