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My experience at Central has been great, I am half way through my senior year and I have no regrets about choosing central as my first step towards life outside of school.
I can honestly say that my experience at Central High School as been good. I came into the school as a child and am leaving out a mature young women. I mainly went to central for the magnet that i wanted to get into, which was nursing. (awesome magnet) One main that that i would like to see change about Central is The bathrooms and the school food.
It’s a great school with multiple great opportunities. I wish I got to get the opportunities that the lower classmans are getting now when I was a freshman.
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I LOVE Central. Being as though I would like to attend an HBCU, coming straight from a historically black high school really helps! Nearly all our teachers and administrators are alumni of Central, since they spent time at Central as a student and want to come back to work? Really shows that Central is THE place to be.
At Central high school, it wasn't only an interesting school, but it was a school where you could learn and have fun at the same time. At first, I really didn't think I would like Central, but after a while, I became so invested and interested in the school.
Overall is a good school. Very rich in culture. They are getting stricter by the year so you cannot play around.
I really like the magnets. They prepared me for nursing. The opportunity I get this year as a senior to take the Nocti exam is wonderful. I would recommend, it really can prepare a student for the future if they want to learn it.
Central High School is rich in culture and diversity. Each day something new is to learn to prepare the students for a better future.
I really enjoyed going to Central High school for all of my High school years. The school shaped me into the woman I am becoming. I met great staff that treated me like their own. I felt very comfortable at the school.
Central high school is a very unique and underrated high school. The principal Mr. Green works hard rebranding central as the premier magnet school in jefferson county.
Central is a very diverse school with many opportunities to help you move on to the next level. Needs to work on the way students are treated.
I like that Central High School gets me ready for my career in IT. the only thing i didn't like about it is the wasn't much diversity.
I love my high school there are so many great things about it. My school definitely has the most school spirt in the state of Kentucky. There are things that I wish were different at my school. I wish that faculty would prepare their student for life after high school. For example: how to apply to colleges, how to pay for colleges, etc.
The diversity it provide.How they respect other people culture and belief which mark me a lot because I was raised to respect other no matter what there differences are.I would like to see the violence of the students in class and the way they disrespect the teachers stop.
the school is like a mini HBCU but in high school form. It gives minority's a chance to feel like we actually fit in some where. it feels good to have a school that doesn't revolve around white people.
I attended school there from 2011-2015 when Dr. Withers was still the principle. I enjoyed going to school there especially once I was accepted into the nursing program. My nursing classes were my favorite because I felt like I was getting the knowledge at such a young age that most people would not receive until college. The only thing I did not like about CHS was the location. I was not able to do many after-school programs because my parents did not trust me to ride public transportation from there because of the surrounding neighborhoods were dangerous.
My school is considered to be an HBHS. We take pride in being African American and we are taught to fight through the struggles that we, as African American Students, are faced with everyday. They ready the students for college and also for the real world as well. We are a Magnet Career Academy, where we have different careers that students can choose from and start their career paths earlier than most students. We have many great icons, from Mohammad Ali to Alberta O. Jones. Central High is an amazing school when looked from different aspects. I love my school
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I go to the historic Louisville Central High School. Where teacher relationships are as close to a parent relationship as they can be. Where the students feel as if they are your siblings. Central High School has the most school spirit you will find. Our principal, Raymond Green, has a saying, “There are two kinds of students. Central students, and those that wish they were Central students.” This quote is very true and every school outside of Central wants to be a Yellowjacket. I am glad that I can call myself a Central Yellowjacket.
My experience with Central High School has been simply amazing. It feels like a real family in this school, and I know that my teachers have my best interest at heart. At Central I am pushed to achieve all of goals, and taught life skills.
Central High School is a great school, actually one of the greatest schools here in Jefferson County Public Schools Louisville, KY. We have changed a lot, but for the better. Central has many opportunities to help yourself and others become a better student and person. Central has different programs to help prepare you for college. The teachers does their job of teaching their subject and helping us to understand it so that we can master it. The many different clubs and activities we have here are beyond great. They give students something productive to do and it also contributes to the community.
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