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Central High School Reviews

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Central High School has amazing teachers that will provide you with the best resources to succeed. This creates a very supportive environment.
The food in the school cafeteria has no options, and do not accomadate for special diets.
It is not a good school. I do not attend class on that campus, I am just enrolled to take classes in the local community college.
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We have no sports, but clubs that emphasize on them. We are a arts school, so we stick to that.
I had an amazing time there with all the clubs and programs. They pushed us to go to college and really explained to us how it works,
Teachers are extremely understanding with all our after school activities and clubs that we are in. They talk to us if we need help and really see our potential to succeed. They really can talk to us and help us feel at ease.
There is a lot of get togethers because of all the diversity which is really awesome. It only has 4 years, but has really come a long way.Everyone is friendly with everyone and that brings people together for all types of events.
There is a lot of help in many areas for everyone
Everyone is nice, but seem weird and not attentive. Administrators make a t shirt in a huge deal.
The activities vary from sports, music, drama, and visual
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