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Central High School strongly focuses on preparing their seniors for college. However, the school lunch is terrible and definitely needs improvement.
Central is a pretty good school. I got lot of friends that go there and lots of opportunities to participate in social activities and events. Teachers may give a lot of work that is stressful, however, it is still really helpful in other classes and learning experiences in life. We get to have our phones out at lunch this year which is awesome. Central has a lot of students which makes moving around the building inside and outside difficult but it's not horrible. I have a good counselor that really help(ed) me throughout my high school years with ACT, course selection, understanding college, and having everything I need to have done actually done.
I've attended Central High School since 9th grade and it has helped me explore my interests and myself. They offer many diverse clubs and organizations open to students and faculty such as NAACP, Community Outreach Club, FBLA and Black Student Union. They also offer many different athletics such as softball and Volleyball. The students here are very diverse and friendly toward one another. Everyone is also very supportive.
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Central high school has been the perfect place for me. I have learned so much, but not only from the teachers but from the people around me. It is such a good place for people of different backgrounds to meet and share ideas.
Central High School was the first school to integrate in Arkansas, and while it was a bumpy ride, the school remained integrated and is now one of the most diverse schools in Arkansas. There are many classes provided, with almost all language and AP courses provided, with many after school activities and events to be apart of.
I have had a fairly good experience at Central High. I thoroughly enjoy my classes and am grateful for the teachers who have made the learning environment fun, but challenging. Being involved in the AP program at Central has made me learn time management and good work skills. It has been a challenge, but the challenge has ultimately made me a better student. I love the big, open, accepting environment at Central, but I wish the school was more like a family. Because of how many people attend Central the school becomes very segregated within cliques. I would like to Central to have more class events in order to become closer with people I am graduating with.
Central for the most part is a very phenomenal school, very diverse and offers many classes that a lot of other high schools do not
It's a really diverse school with many opportunities. I'm a freshman at Central High currently and I really enjoy it. Most of the teachers there are great
Central High School is a very good school. It prepare you for the future. Its classes prepare you for college classes. Also I love Central because it is very diverse and I feel at home there.
Central high school is very accepting to many and all people that come to out school. There are many clubs that are for every one and they are very fun and something for everyone. At many schools you don’t see the principal as involved but at central our principal is very involved caring and loving for all students. This is why I really love my school and think it’s the best school.
Central High School continues to provide me with the best education in the state. We have the most AP classes of any public school in Arkansas, and we have, for the most part, excellent teachers. While there are issues, the staff is always willing to listen to the students. This year alone, students have gotten to use phones during lunch, stalls were added in the boy's bathroom, and black students are now allowed to wear headscarves and durags. This school is always working in the best interests of all students.
I like the availability of opportunities here at Central. They are all around you if you want them. There is the AVID program and it has helped me be more social and allowed me to make new friends. It has also helped me prepare for college.
It has a very welcoming and friendly environment. It also have a bunch of clubs that you might be interested in, and you can create your own.
Central High School is a very diverse school. With over 2,000 students, a student can make many connections. The teachers will help you get to where you need to be academically and there's also after school tutoring that will help. Also there are many clubs to join for everyone. The school offers classes that will give you college credits and help prepare you for college and life after high school.
I have met a very diverse very accepting group of students here. I have always felt welcome and have had much fun. I have learned way more than I ever though I could.
There are a lot of opportunities here that I don’t think many school have. They offer almost every AP course other than 2 AP courses. They try to give us as many opportunities as possible. Teachers and counselors help with scholarships and college applications. They try to prepare us as much as they can before they let us out into the real world. Teachers try not to overwork us and I love that they know other teachers give homework as well. Most of my teachers space out deadlines and try not to make everything due at one time.
I have been attending Central High School since my 9th grade year and I cannot see myself being at any other school. Central is a place full of people that are of different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and full of knowledge. Our principal, Nancy Rousseau, is a woman who make sure that the school has everything that it needs. She is always in the hallways greeting her students and keeping conversations, she makes sure that everyone at Central feels safe and sound, and most importantly her students comes first. Going to a historically known school is not always easy. We have many visitors roaming the halls during the mornings and people who love to see our beautifully built school and Mrs. Rousseau does a great job separating the tourists from the students. I love all of our teachers they do such a great job of getting us ready for life after high school graduation.
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I love Central High School! There is immense diversity and wide opportunity for academic excellence. I have never seen another school with as many clubs, sports and extra-curricular activities that allow students to advance successfully towards their future.
Amazing college preparedness in every aspect of the AP classes available. Almost every course the College Board has is offered at Central with the exception of Japanese! Additionally, there is a great amount of history surrounding the culture and legacy of the school. This was a very cool component when it came to my time there.
Great place, definitely prepared me for college. Despite having an appearance of diversity on the outside, sometimes within the school, there still lies a separation. I did learn a lot here, and enjoyed a lot of my teachers.
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