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Wasn't the worst school but it definitely needs some upgrades to certain areas. For example, the art selection for the school is little to none. They went down to one art teacher for the entire school. The only class she doesn't teach art wise is photography unless that has been dropped completely. I had a good experience for the most part when I went there.
So many activities. Always something going on. Administration is approachable and fair. Feels like teachers actually care.
Good future preparation for Juniors and Seniors. Great library. Good clubs. Great sports. Large drug problem. Many fights. Many disciplinary struggles. Some Racism. Some Homophobia. Loads of Trans-phobia.
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Central High School is great academics and sports but when it comes to understanding and acceptance , they could be better.
Good faculty and they care about your future. I felt like I belonged within the community of my school. My senior year a classmate of mine was murdered a week before school started. It was a very traumatic experience for all of us, but the administration did a very good job at helping us move past it and cope with the loss. They never failed to make us feel safe and secure in the school building.
Pretty Great High School overall with wonderful staff and lots of class options. Especially great music programs in choir and band.
I love the teacher's care for the students and the involvement of the students in many of the activities. However, I would like to see more student voice, and not just a select group. There are some things that the study body expresses want for change, but we don't do anything about it.
Central High School is a great school. All the staff are really friendly. This school is pretty diverse and has a lot of equal opportunities for everyone.
I enjoyed going to Central High School. The teachers are quite nice and care about the students. There was a lot to do and get involved with at Central. Also, there was a wide range of classes, especially AP classes. This school is adding some new additions including a fitness center and other things in few years. The school overall is improving every year and trying their best.
Central High School has some very kind teachers who are more than willing to work with their students. However, there are some in the sports and the arts department that may be a bit harder on their award-winning teams. There are times where Central does nothing about bullying but no school has been perfect in doing so. Thought Central does have many thought provoking class options for its students for its students and constantly tries to improve itself with every year
My experience at Central High School, was one to be remembered forever. At first, my assumption of what high school would have been like, I was wrong. Quickly adapting, I started to enjoy going to school, and Central just made it even better. Everyone has fun, and it's a school, where you feel like you just belong, a home away from home. School spirit is also very high, and I enjoy having fun at events. Something I would like to see change in this school is the diversity within our school, and our community.
Central high school has been home to four of the best years of my life. The teachers and administrators all strive to make a difference in every single student's life and connect to each individual student as well as bringing the school together as a community. Through groups like Student Senate and events such as diversity day, Central high school is always open to positive change, working towards an even better future at an already amazing school.
I have had a great time at Central Highschool over the years. The teachers here care about their students and want to see them achieve their goals. The administration always has an open ears do welcomes change. If there was anything that I wish to see change it would be for eveyone to make the freshman understand how important every year of school is. I wish I would've known how important it was, because its really hard to recover from. Overall, this school has taught me a lot about myself and allowed to drive to excellence.
I do believe most teachers try their hardest to make the students outcome the best, but some teachers are not as willing to work with the students and help them. I would like to see more support for smaller clubs, sports, and every student.
All staff are friendly and are willkng to work one on one with students. Everyone wants to see all the students be successful.
I have had a really positive experience at Central High School. I have taken engaging, preparatory classes, been involved in rewarding, fun classes, and have really satisfying, enjoyable relationships with my classmates and staff at the school. I feel that my voice is listened to and I have found ways to incorporate my opinions in school. I am supported and encouraged in my endeavors. Teachers are available. Clubs are diverse. I have learned to advocate for myself and how to chase after the things I want.
I believe I am receiving the best academic opportunities I can living in La Crosse, WI. I have taken part in many honors and A.P. courses and online courses throughout my time here. I have even created my own curriculum through Central's Alternative Pathway program. For the courses that are unavailable to me, or classes that I want a more in depth collegiate experience in, the school has provided me with the opportunity of Youth Options. I will be taking classes at UW-L with my finances covered by the school district. That is incredible! I am incredibly fortunate. The school does a great job advocating for these programs. Online classes could be better advertised and possibly better supported depending on the class. Also more A.P. classes would be nice. I am so happy that the school offers a variety of intensities and approaches when it comes to the same subject such as Algebra Stretch, Algebra, and Honors Algebra.
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Fortunately, I believe all students at Central feel safe, including students of diversity. Unfortunately, I think high school can be a challenging place to find empathy and understanding for students of different back grounds. I believe the school can make more efforts to highlight and celebrate the diversity of our students. More efforts to educate about the Hmong culture of the area should be made. More efforts to show support of Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ+ students of our school. Adolescents are an impressionable bunch and I think a high school is a great environment to advocate for acceptance and combating ignorance. I'm happy that things such as G.S.A. speaking to the health classes and F.E.M. T-shirts being worn by administration happen, but not enough is being done to welcome all. Not enough is done to sympathize with and support the black students of our school. Luckily, I know the Central faculty cares. Now is the time to move forward.
My high school experience has been greatly influenced and shaped by the extra curricular activities I have been involved in. The activities I am apart of helped me grow as a leader and discover some of my passions. I have been involved in the school's show choir for four years and it has allowed me to become a better performer, build friendships with students of all grade-levels, and has challenged me to become better with time management and team work. One extra curricular that I am extremely passionate about is our school's student government, student senate. In senate, a school elected position, students come together to be authentic voices to the wants and needs of the school. I am proud of the diversity of clubs we have at Central that welcome and accommodate the diversity of the student body. Clubs like G.S.A. (Gender Sexuality Alliance), F.E.M. (Feminist Equity Movement), and the Culture Club help educate and encourage the diversity and social issues of our school. The activites and athletics range far and wide at Central, helping us create a passionate and involved high school.
Central educators are knowledgeable and caring.
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