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Central is a very good school but they only spend the money they make for the dance and cheer team. The bathrooms are nasty and some dont even have doors on them then teachers yell at us for being late because of the lines in the bathroom. The teachers are very good and the food it ok. It's not perfect but it's a good school. The bullying issue is never acknowledged and the counselors are never available
Perhaps the best thing about Central High School was the connections between staff and students; I was able to deeply bond with my teachers, and that made it easier to ask for help and receive advice about continuing my education past high school. I will never forget the kindness they showed me throughout those 4 years.
My favorite part of Central has been my relationships with the teachers. I chose Computer classes for my elective focus and I feel very prepared for college level computer classes thanks to Mr Fox. They added a bowling team my 10th grade year and since I bowl competitively, it is giving me a chance get to the state tournament in January.
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They have there pics. There is lots of fights that goes on. And it’s a he say she say thing. Nothing really gets better. They allow bulling. Even if u show video. The staff lies. They don’t get work for a child they put out. All n all this is the worst school I ever seen. I’m taking my kid out of it. And I advise everyone to put there child somewhere else other than hear.
Central High School is a very loving and caring high school. I am very grateful to be Class Of 2019 graduate. Teachers want you to succeed and do well in life. I have had many teachers in high school that reach out to you when they know something is wrong. This is for anyone who is planning to go to Central High school, do not be afraid of high school just enjoy all the friendships and football games while you can.
My son is the fourth generation of my family to attend Central. He is an advanced student with a 4.3 GPA in all AP and Honors classes. Before his freshman year, he was approached by STEM Academy and tested and was accepted by the IB Program at West High School. In the end, we chose Central due to the academic programs offered with a great selection of Honors, AP and Dual-Enrollment classes offered. In addition, he was very active in band and Centrals band program has a very long and honored tradition. As he starts to enter his Junior year, we could not have been happier with our choice. Very close community with great community spirit and parental involvement.
Central High School was an average experience for me. I was never academically challenged while in school, but there is a strong faculty dedicated to being present for their students. This school focuses on their issues regarding low graduation rates and poor test scores, but students above proficiency often fall into the cracks.
I have had a positive school experience here at Central. The courses that are offered allowed me to decide what I wanted to major in for college. The teachers have been helpful. I haven't had any negative experiences while attending the high school from my freshman year to my present year as a senior.
My experience at central has been enjoyable over the last four years. The atletics have been great, and the school embidies a family like atmosphere.
Diversity. Rich, poor, Asian, African American, Hispanic, etc.... all with strong pride and tradition. This school has a bad reputation but I have one that graduated in 2016 and one will in 2020. I love this community and what it stands for. Deep deep rooted community and very welcoming to all. The teachers have adjusted to the diversity very well.
A lot of the kids here don't really care about grades, but the classes and opportunities here are FANATASTIC. I'm an art major, and when I moved to Tennessee I was happy to see the variety of art classes there are!!! The art teachers work really hard to encourage students as well as critique them to better their students! And they always involve students in art shows and art festivals outside and inside the school. The other teachers here are amazing as well! They always try to connect to their students and always try to get them to participate. It's also really diverse here. Amazing school. The only downside is the food. And the fact that I had to move.
I gave my school 5 stars not because it’s my school but because I feel safe and I have adults who I can now call family. I love them so much and every since I got here life has been real. Ups, down. This school makes you believe there’s hope in your future but the goal is believing in you first!
I grew up hearing stories about Central, and all of them were not very good. Throughout, my time attending I have found that most of those bad stories are not true. My high school experience has been wonderful, and I do not think it would have been as good as it has been had I attended another school. I had lots of opportunities to explore my interests through rigorous academics and ample extracurricular choices. Also, the student-teacher and student-student relationships at Central are very healthy and beneficial to all who are involved. One relationship I have not seen to be as strong, though, is the student-administration relationship, and without a good understanding between those two groups it is hard to feel everything is going its best. Despite this short-coming, my school, Central High School, has mas my wonderful high school experience possible, so it is pretty good.
Central lacks continuity to become an established school. high faculty turnover leads to lack of high academic and college preparation. the same in sports. high coaching turnovers.
bullying is a huge problem. this includes me being bullied. people mess with people and there is a lot of vandalism.
central does not have a diverse variety of clubs and organizations and the ones it does have, the people in it are very picky and choosy to those who they allow in the so called click.some students are very committed to it, but many are not.
Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee is not the best school in Tennessee. What i mean by that is, Central is known for having the most fights during the school year, most of the students just do not care where their life is headed and the students are just plain mean and absurd. I did not choose this school; I was thrown into it and i am not sure if i would go there or not if i could start over.
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The teachers at Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee for the most part do what they have to and beyond to help and get their students through their high school years. Some teachers, on the other hand, do not really care. The teachers' knowledge is very high on the subject they are teaching. Most of them communicate well and half of the teachers are consistent with their grading, but the other half not so much.
The safety at Central High School is the best. A few years ago there was a shooting and a boy lost his life but present day my school is very secure and take safety and health very seriously.
I am actually the president of Gay/Straight alliance and i love how involved staff and students are with the clubs!
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