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The high school is fairly average , a bit smaller than most with only 200 to 150 students per class. The experiences here are decent, it is also fairly safe. Its a small school so not much bullying happens and when there is bullying it is handled very well by the staff.
Its a really great school and the people here are great learners they want u to succeed in life and the sport culture is great they support u with ever thing they got and just come out and support us as a team
My experience at Central High School is going pretty well. The teachers here are always open to help you with school work or also any problems that you have outside of school. The safety here is quite impressive. The athletics her we take seriously.
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In the past, Kirtland Central had quite a few inspiring teachers. Though the building is old and the education system requires work in terms of curriculum, it's the teachers that make the experience worthwhile.
I attended all four years at central high school and it’s been a very good experience. Not only with my education but with how welcoming the school is. At central high I feel very safe and I feel like I can be open not only with certain teachers but with multiple teachers. The office staff is wonderful, they are always making sure we are safe and that we are getting the best education a high school student will need in the future to carry on in their life. I also like how they treat us like adults, because if they didn’t we wouldn’t be ready for the real world later one when we leave high school. Central high school has is a positive school all around.
My experience with Central High School has been pretty good and I've enjoyed my time here but i think that i would like to see the school have more involvement in all activities and see the school have new paint everywhere with positive messages spread around the school.
I like the overall experience of being a student in Kirtland Central High School. The people are easy to get along with and most of the teachers are very helpful. The sports, especially Cross-Country are good. The classes are good and challenging. I would like to see a new building in general. A lot of money was spent to add a cooling/heating system to the school. It would of cost a lot less to just construct a new school instead.
My extracurricular activities helped me learn and grown so much in ways that I thought were not possible. I was in all the leadership organizations my high school had, Student Council, National Honor Society and Business Professionals of America. I soared and loved every minute of it. I had to commitment to volunteer work and growing communication skills is the business world. I had to really apply myself if I wanted to excel in these organizations. Our trips, I had to fund raise to participate because these organizations did not receive funding. If a student is looking for something to do or learn a skill, Kirtland Central High School has it. The student just has to apply themselves and really enjoy it. That was my high school's main problem, the students were to lazy to apply themselves and did not have the support from home to enroll in any clubs. It was such a shame!
My high school experience was myself making the most out of my situation. The community was against each other and brought it to the school board. I lived close to a reservation and I was the minority at my school. The Navajo people wanted their own school and keep the whites or other ethnicity out of the equation. This caused a lot of funding to our school clubs, programs and various events to decrease, along with bad publicity. There was a negative persona around our community and infected my high school. Parents did not care about their children doing well in school. Let alone getting into trouble with the law. My high school was so violent we had to have two and sometimes three police officers watching the halls and keeping the peace. I wanted nothing to do with the negativity so I engrossed myself into various clubs like yearbook, student council, business professional of America and National Honor Society. I also played softball and volleyball while going to college and studying my high school courses. I was to busy to fail and I didn't want too. I wanted my family to be proud of my high school experience and see how great of a women I had become despite the odds.
My teachers lacked effective communication skills. They were not really interested in our interests but more interested in getting better test scores. Yet, not changing their poor techniques in teaching the common core. Most of my teachers were knowledgeable in their area of expertise but ancient in their methods of expressing their knowledge. The overall consistency in grading was a plus. Even though each teacher had their own styles, the school or even district had the same rules or strategy applied to all grading. It was nice not having to learn a teacher's style of grading, like I have to do in college. MY high school experience was okay and I did learn how to study on my own. This skill has helped me many times in my peruse of college studies.
There are many extracurricular activities at this school. A student can be involved as many as possible, there is no limit. We have about 22 clubs and a student is able to create their own club if they wanted to. Our most popular club is the "DINE Youth Council" club. Since my school is predominantly Native Americans, a lot of people are involved. They also are given the opportunity to fundraise for a week trip during the summer to another state for a conference. The level of commitment is great, many students only join the clubs they are truly interested in. The most fun club is spanish club in my opinion because they have so many bake sales and go on a lot of field trips. Administration support is high quality because each club is given a great staff sponsor. After school activities are mostly sports and tutoring. The tutoring is high quality and a lot of students attend because transportation is offered after.
My overall experiences at school so far are great but slowly coming to an end. My freshman year of high school, I made lots of friends. As the years went by, I slowly started losing them except for a few. I learned what the quote, "Quality not quantity" truly meant. I could have 50 friends and still feel lonely. My favorite experiences though out high school were during basketball season. Basketball season brings our community together. I love it. What makes our school unique is we have the most girls basketball state championship banners in the country. Most girls in our community are taught to play with a basketball before they can even walk. I would choose this school if I could do it all over again because I have made the greatest memories/friends here and I truly feel college ready.
The teachers at Kirkland Central High School show several qualities. Some teachers are more involved than others and some teachers are just as lazy as the seniors in May. The math teachers are great, they adjust to each students way of learning and truly care about their success. The english teachers are great also, they show a lot of knowledge in their field of study and they make English fun. History teachers are not as involved as other core course teachers probably because not many students have an interest in history. Science classes are challenging and more strict but the teachers also truly care about our success. Most of the students show interest in students. The ones who don't only teach for about a year. Communication skills are mostly good. Although, the consistency of grading is not great for most teachers. Many teachers take their time to put in grades and worry students. Overall, the school is a school. It is a chance at a free education and if you choose to take advantage of it, you will get exactly what you put into it.
Again small town, small problems. We have regular drills and practice for emergencies. Situations are dealt with quickly and safely.
We have the pretty standard amount of clubs and activities. Our girls basketball team is our big attraction. We are just a small town and have small town options.
I like my school. Its what I've always known. I know there are better and there are worse schools. I wish mine had some more features and policy changes but I'm happy with what Ive gotten.
I feel most of the teachers here are one or the other. They go all out and do their best or they don't care.
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What most of the teachers do is hand you a textbook and you have to answer questions in the textbook. I feel like I didn't learn anything at Kirtland Central High School. Only a few teachers I've had, actually helped me understand some things. Math is one of the things I learned, I used to be terrible at math, but my math teacher changed that for me. She made sure we all understood what we were learning.
At KCHS we do not have many extracurricular activities available. After school programs are only sports related, or tutoring. The after school tutoring program is only available certain days of the week. After school programs such as sports are everyday of the week after school. Most teachers on campus are coaches, so the administration support is huge. As well as the tutoring programs, the teachers are mostly offering their time and support to the students who need help.
My own personal opinion about this school is that it is okay. This school is not bad nor is it the top school of my choice. At Kirtland Central High School we are the home of the broncos. The school who has many state titles in basketball, both boys and girls. My school was rated an "A" school one year, and the rest a "B" school. My favorite experiences are probably with the athletic program. I would want to go to this school again to participate in the many sports and extracurricular activities here.
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