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I like going to Central High School. One main reason is it is a small school. The teachers help you a lot and are school works together with each other to help fix problems in the school.
Central High School is a small high school. I liked the friendships I made, but I would like to see the school board care more about the student's high school experience than their paychecks. I would also like to see more parent involvement because you would think that none of the students had parents based on current involvement.
The reason why I say that it's okay because there are not a lot of kids that are participating in sports. Last year on the girl basketball team we only had six players and we struggle the whole time but we never gave up. If we can get kids to have more school spirit we can have more people to participate.
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Well they offer a lot of extracurricular at school but nobody is signing up to participate in them. But I'm currently playing basketball and I been playing for three years. I'm apart of FBLA and I'm loving it because it offers so much for you to learn.
I'm a senior at Central High School and my experiences at this school is great because I met a lot of new people. I gained no friendships that I believe that will last a lifetime. I met teachers that really cares about me and where I go in life. I couldn't ask for a better school then this because they afford more than a education. I love Central High School and I'm happy to graduate from this school.
We have to wait 15 minutes before we ask to leave the classroom to do anything. And this apply when you have to use the restroom and some people have bladder problems and they still have to wait. That's one of the rules that really bother's me and other students as well.
Well all I know that the staff at school is very strict on keeping us safety. We follow every safety rules that are required to follow. And everyone is aware of the safety and health rules that they should apply at school.
Our school is pretty lenient with the rules for the most part. They are strict with the dress code, but if you stay out of trouble and get decent grades you are going to pass on to the next grade. A lot of students like to stay home from school, but nothing ever happens to them. You can get in trouble for being late to class too many times, but I am unaware of those punishments because I do not typically have trouble getting to class on time. Bullying happens at my school, as it does at all schools, but I wouldn't say it is a major problem at my school. I think that more people get in trouble for drugs than bullying at my school. We do not usually have any issues, to my knowledge, regarding controversial policies.
Our school has a bad history when it comes to sports. We rarely win games and the support from the other students is minimal. School spirit isn't something that is very predominant here at Central high school. There are a great bunch of athletes here, and the individual sports such as wrestling and track are what thrives in this school. Those are the only two sports that constantly have athletes going to competitions at the regional and even the state level. Our track team this year more than doubled in number from previous years and I am proud to say that we won the first district title for our school in fourteen years.
The close-knit family way of life at Central high school is nice in some ways. It is impossible to keep secrets, because everyone literally knows everyone. I have been to two much larger high schools than this one, and the experience is very different. I feel like the students here miss out on a lot of things going here because they are so secluded and there isn't much going on. They don't get to experience diversity like they would at a larger high school and I think that is very important. The new administration this year has taken a step in the right direction and have done good things for my school but there are still things to be improved. I do not think that I would do it again; I have waited my whole life for graduation and now that it is approaching I am more excited than ever.
Our computers are old, especially the ones in the library where the AP students have to take their classes. The student parking lot is small, but so is the amount of students able to drive. There is an average of 40 students in each class at my school, so we don't need much space but some improvements would be much appreciated. Individual teachers will sometimes offer tutoring if necessary, but there aren't any programs throughout the school year that are offered to students in need. We went without a guidance counselor for the first three months of school, which was extremely stressful for the seniors preparing for college. The school as a whole is not in very good shape. The ceilings leak all over the school, the classrooms are boring and dull, a lot of the equipment is outdated and most of it is in poor shape. Buses are provided for after school activities which is convenient because so many students live anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes away from the school.
The extracurricular activities at my school are notorious for being poor. The neighboring counties and high schools always have negative things to say about King & Queen Central High School, but we are slowly on the rise (in sports at least). We do not have a plethora of clubs and organizations, but we are not a large school so we do not need a lot. The new principal has allowed students paint murals around the school, and I really enjoy the arts so I was very appreciative of that. Our sports teams have a history for performing poorly, but this past year has been a milestone in many areas. We sent our first wrestler to the state competition this season, our boys and girls basketball teams won their first games in years, last year we sent five people to states in track (myself included) and this year we won the district title. This victory for the track team was the first title earned for King & Queen in fourteen years. We are on the track to sending at least twice as many people to states this year. Funding has always been an issue because our school doesn't have a lot of income. We could improve a lot and become a better school if we had sufficient funding.
The lunch at my school, King & Queen Central High School is sad to say the least. I hate to have such negative words about my school but if there is one are that my school should consider redesigning it would be the school lunch plan. Healthy lunch is what they are attempting to provide for us, but the food is typically full of grease, bland, and the portions are disappointing. In addition to the poor quality of our food, we aren't even able to decide which unsatisfying meal we would like to stomach each day because there are no options. We are lucky to have two choices, and possibly an option for salad. More times than not, our second option is a leftover entree from the previous day. Despite the efforts to avoid frying foods, our food is always soaked in grease. This is even more puzzling because they bake just about everything in that cafeteria, but the food still manages to be greasy. The lunch at my school is such poor quality, that I can only eat lunch certain days of the week, for fear that I will get sick at wrestling or track practice. This is no exaggeration; I have gotten sick at practice numerous days due to lunch mixed with intense physical activity. It is not suited for athletes in any way. The portions are small, and it is far from healthy. I understand that I am leaving the high school this year, but I would love to make a difference for the future generations. I have a sister who is currently in ninth grade and also experiences this unsavory school lunch and I have a brother in third grade who will have to endure it as well. I would love to see a huge change in the quality of my high school lunch.
I believe that our school administration does a great job on making sure that policies are known by parents and children. Each child that don't follow policies are held accountable for their actions. Our administrators interact with each of the kids at our school and I feel they truly care what happens to each of us and help us grow for the future.
The academics are average. There aren't many extra classes you can take besides the basics, and the instruction in those classes are fair but nowhere near where they should be. College preparation is significantly lacking.
The food and snacks have improved over the years, although they most certainly aren't top notch. The food is edible, but not the best.
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