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I think Central is a good place for most students, however it is a big school. As a result, it is very easy to feel like you're just a number, and that the administration doesn't actually care about your individual success as a student. The good part about a large school is that it is accommodating to all types of lifestyles, hobbies, and personalities. You name it, there's a club for it. Overall, Central is what you make it. As long as you find your little niche, and friends who share that same interest, you'll be just fine.
Central high is a wonderful place to be. Full of loving caring teachers who are all invested in teaching and love to see their student’s succeed. At Central our motto is character, honor, service and that is what all of the students represent, The thing that differs Central from the rest of the schools is the big family that we are.
The school is overall a positive community. If you demonstrate effort and a true desire to learn, your teachers will go to the moon and back for you. The size of the school (4 floors) can be inconvenient at times.
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it was a great time really enjoyed going and seeing my friends everyday. the faculty was very nice if you ever needed help they would always do there best to help you as much as they could.
My experience has been extremely eventful to say the least. Central High School has given me the opportunity to grow in not only academics, but also in Fine Arts. The Theatre Department is unlike no other, as we produce 7-9 productions every year. This school has given me an abundance of leadership opportunities as well, such as Theatre Historian, Charger Champions, Musical Theatre Choreography Team, and Theatre Vice President.
I loved Central High School! There were definitely things that could have been better such as the quality of teaching in some classrooms as well as the culture, but it was an amazing high school experience for me.
I'm proud to say I love my school. The teachers truly try to give their undivided attention to students and make sure us students succeed. Being in student council and Leadership, I've got to deep dive into the amount of effort the students and school staff have put into the decorations, dress-up days, and fun privileges they give to students throughout the school year. With each day, Students stop counting the days and start making each day count. Throughout the school year, each football game was like going to the Superbowl, each dance was like the biggest dance party you could enjoy with your closes friends, and every day was better than the next.
Central is very diverse and the teachers are amazing. The Student Council does a lot for the school and is involved with the Texas Association of Student Councils.
I've attended Central for the last 4 years, and it's been quite a ride. I've had my experience with all the good and bad teachers. School at Central was a roller coaster. But what made it nice was the amount of friendly staff and students there. I would say that Central has a good academic sources. The only con is the unfair rank and GPA due to majority of the top students cheating. Multiple reports have been made to administration and teachers, but no efforts have been done to stop or punish them because they are the "good" students. In addition, there are few teachers that are terrible at there job and multiple complaints have been sent, but no consequences or corrections were made. But underneath all the grime of Central, there are a wide range of factors that make Central a school you want to attend, such as amazing programs, clubs, school spirit, resources, and people you can depend on to make your high school year great.
I love the teachers!!! Very warming and exciting experience I'll never forget. Art department was the best of all
I enjoyed my time at Central High School. The school was very big, which could feel overwhelming at times, but I loved my teachers and my classes challenged me for what to expect in college.
What I loved about Central High School, was that it continuously made great efforts to be inclusive of all students, regardless of color, sexual orientation, gender affiliation, political belief, etc. I never witnessed nor experienced any sort of discrimination, and when the school was made aware of such incident happening, they took proper measures to discipline discriminatory behavior, never just looking the other way.
What I would like for Central to improve on, however, is promoting school spirit. We had very few pep rallys, which rarely attracted students because they were the same each time. The school made little effort to advertise many events happening, including sporting events, choir concerts, art shows, theatre shows, etc. If Central focused more on encouraging students to participate and attend school events, everyone, including me, would have had a greater experience.
It was a great school for my kids. It seems to have prepared them adequately for college. There are so many opportunities for your child to excel At this school with the different activities and programs. The band program is excellent. The history department is top notch. Several of the sports programs are also very good. Love to see improvements in their math and science departments.
Central Highschool is very focused on the future of its students. There are many teachers who create close bonds with their students and give helpful life lessons tips as they go on through highschool. Although it is great that Central highschool is very focused on education it wouldn't hurt to loosen up and have some fun at times and do things that most kids would like to do.
Central High School wasn't a bad school at all to attend. I really enjoyed the early years of high school and made a lot of amazing friends. My teachers were all really supportive throughout the 4 years and even though I've graduated I'll never forget Central.
My time at Central High School has been a whirlwind of memories and experiences. I have been given countless of opportunities here, through my academics and my extracurriculars. Every staff member is friendly and kind, being there for us students whenever we need them. The students themselves give off a bright energy that we share everyday. This school has helped me grow and become the person I am now, ready to face the world.
Academics are very good, especially science classes. There are many opportunities for students to get involved in school activites and organizations!
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Central High School offers a variety of classes and clubs on the students interest, truly an experience you have to craft for yourself. There is a push towards AP credits and as someone who was exclusively enrolled in Pre-AP and AP classes, I would recommend taking a blended schedule. It allows you to concentrate on your strengths and pull up your GPA as well as meet a variety of students and not just the typical cut AP.
From the teachers to our fellow students, Central High School is full of diversity and has a great environment. There is not a single thing I would change about this place, and I am so glad I got to spend my 4 years of high school at such an amazing place. I met so many wonderful people, and made so many memories that will never be forgotten.
Central is a great school with teachers and administrators dedicated to giving students the best education. Academic, athletic, and artistic programs are all amazing and supported schoolwide.
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