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I do not have much to compare Central High School, but overall from my experience I would say it is a pretty good school. It is clean and is up to date with technology. The teachers all care for the students and for the most part do their best to help them succeed. There are a few select teachers who have really made the experience that much better, and a few teachers who several students do not get along with. Being a school in Oregon, I feel it is not academically rigorous enough to prepare students for college, especially if one is going out of state. That being said there are several teachers who understand this and do their best to ensure students will be ready when it comes to college life.
A lack of diversity within the student body, poor test scores, and a culture unresponsive to the increasing need for college readiness at an early age all contribute towards a school in need of change. The student body it self is mixed in terms of academic and personal success, though it is obvious who the school values (kids with higher test scores). Also, a lack of advanced classes, or even classes that meet the standard rigor necessary to prepare students for college.
Central is a great school with a very supportive community. It only suffers because of its lack of funding in different areas due to the low income community that it's part of. However, the positives far outweigh the negative. All of the after school programs are supportive and help promote a welcoming and accepting atmosphere throughout the entire school.
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I appreciate some of the teachers, but the quality of education is mediocore at best. They only discuss in state schools rather then showing the possibility of leaving Oregon.
I loved going to Central! The teachers were incredibly helpful and there were many opportunities for me! However, the way the staff handled bullying was not conductive of a good learning environment nor was it fair to the students involved.
Great school if you're the type that gets work done, I spent half of my class time on card games with others because they're a safer choice than phones. They're lenient on phone usage when caught unless they specified at the beginning of the year it's strictly forbidden, (all math teachers and most science teachers will confiscate the phones). The Spanish (which is most likely the only foreign language ever going to be offered again) textbooks could use updating, they're over 15 years old.
Central excels in providing extracurricular opportunities to its students. With vibrant arts, sports, and other clubs, the high school does a great job of combining institutional and parent/teacher support to give students an opportunity to grow and succeed outside of the classroom.
I loved the diversity of students however not so much the teachers. Although there is advocacy for more diverse teachers there has not been any change. Communication with administration in the school is poor with students. College readiness is not up to any standard because of poor communication to the students on such scholarships and little to no updated information on honor societies, scholarship requirements, and others as well.
What could have improved was making sure teachers weren’t tolerating abusive behavior between students.
Central High School has given me the opportunity to grow and exceed in academics. I enjoy the variety of choices of classes that there is at CHS.
Coming from Germany, I really enjoyed Central. Everyone was nice to me and accepted me for who I am. The staff were supportive and understood, when I needed help.
I enjoyed the school atmosphere around the sporting events. it is in a small town and there are lots of local support, and everyone supported one another. the teachers were all very nice and easy to talk too, which made it easier to learn. the college readiness was not as good as it should have been, but in my senior year they really were making an effort to change that. A lot had to do with the students not the teachers.
I loved my time at Central. It's a well kept school in a great community. The generosity of the community allows it to be new and why we have such nice athletic facilities. The culture at Central is very positive, this includes nearly the whole school. The teachers really care about your success and if you reach out they will do anything they can to help you achieve what you want. Central isn't that big so you can make great connections with most of the school. This creates an incredible learning environment if your willing to reach out and make connections. Central has a good mixture of different kinds of people that are able to enjoy their time here at the school. I wouldn't change a lot, but there are some changes I would make. I would provide a wider variety of class, elective and club options. There aren't a lot of choices when come to electives which could make it difficult for students to prep themselves for certain careers in the future.
There's not a nurse's office and I don't think we even had a school nurse, bullying in the hallways is often ignored, if you're a minority you're often emotionally bullied, even by teachers--I remember one teacher making racist jokes towards an asian student--sex education is abysmal, and the only way to get health resources is .... well... there isn't.
This school has, in some ways, a great sense of community. However, it is also a school that relies on having a certain number of students below the poverty line, puts so much funding into sports that the roof leaked but there was a brand new football field, and is in a very small, rural town so if you stick out too much you can very quickly become ostracized.
There are some really good teachers, but it's a bit of a crapshoot as to whether you'll actually get a teacher that respects and encourages students, or just one that is there for the sake of a paycheck.
Light amounts of armed security are present, and a school-sponsored free clinic is available across the street.
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Extracurricular activities at our school were sparse until it was made mandatory that each student participates in at least one club.
Overall I have enjoyed my experience at Central thus far. The classes continue to be engaging, and I have good relationships with almost all of my instructors.
The teachers at Central High School are mostly passionate about their work, and create a mostly fair and engaging work environment. At times it seems they can have trouble controlling students, but for the most part are well respected by both fellow faculty and students.
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