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Central High School is a good school. They make sure you got everything you need. They work with your weaknesses to make them strengths. They help improve your skills and make sure that you are not afraid. They teach you additional skills that involves graduating and going to the outside world. They make everyone feel like they are valuable. they have good classes and academics for all of their students. They reward students who have good grades and good behavior. They get all of the parents involved in events. They always have educational field trips that will better all of their students.
During all 4 years of attending Central High, overall it was a great experience. I’ve had the chance to meet nice teachers and staff who’ve treated students as if they were their own children. They only wanted nothing but the best for us.
Central High School is a school filled with talented young people but they never get the opportunity to show it because the lack of resources and lack of opportunities provided to them. I am proud to be an alumni of Central nevertheless .
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They have great extracurricular activities. They are very supportive.
I love my college. It is one of the best experiences I have had. I would do it over if I had to, because its such a diverse, friendly environment. When Troy has events, everyone comes together and its so fun. Its the best. You meet so many new people. For exams week, they do different events to help you stress less. Its just a wonderful college.
I haven't experience a bad teacher yet. Every professor I've had was so helpful. Some of the classes were a little tough, but they helped. If your grade wasn't to your liking, they helped so much with extra credit. I loved all the professors I have had.
the teachers are great and are a big help.
The athletics was always hard working.
The teachers were amazing. They teach me everything I needed to know.
I did liked the teachers and I think it is wonderful. The food wasn't all the great.
The school always handled their business if I child get out of hand.
The cafeteria staff make sure everyone eats and the food is prepared to its best. Also, they make sure we have healthy food and nutrients.
Every teacher and faculty member helps, they provide good support.
Everything is great the make sure your in good shape before you do anything.
Music is the best, band, bate club
Central High school always have police officer at the school
Central High School had the best teacher every. The staff member make sure u are at your best at all the time
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