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Central High School is a great school no doubt. I have enjoyed my years here so far. Although I am ready to graduate I will miss several people that are apart of the staff. The teachers are great and enjoy their job. They do their best to help us walk across the stage. One thing I would change however is the no ear bud policy in class, this is because music helps me focus and not get distracted in class.
I have had a very positive experience at Central High. The teachers have been wonderful and I feel I have received an excellent education. The one thing I would change is the interaction with administrators and students. It would be wonderful if they were more receptive to students.
Chattanooga Central High School is a great learning environment, and I am glad I have the opportunity to go here. While the school has its ups and downs, the same can be said of any other high school. The friends that I have found within my peers and advisors have helped make these past four years the most memorable of my life thus far. The faculty is always looking to help students in need, and it is clear that all members of the school want to see students succeed. Some of the people I have met in my time here are the most thoughtful and intelligent individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting, and I am glad to have been one such person to my friends.
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I'm a senior at Central High School and I think CHS is a very good public school to attend.Central has very friendly teachers and a friendly principal. What I would like to see change is pretty much the dress code. I wish we didn't have to wear uniforms because I would want to express my own style instead of wearing what everyone else has to wear.
My experience with Central was pretty good. I enjoyed the people there because there was never a dull moment. The teachers were all lovely except for a few. Academics however was not very fulfilling and they did not offer near as much advanced courses as they do at most other schools.
Central High School is always working to improve every aspect of the school. They work to make things fun for the students by providing incentives for attendance, behavior, and academics. Teachers work with the students in any way they can to help them reach their potential. However, it is located in a low income area which results which makes it a title 1 school. This comes with some benefits, but it also means that there is less active parent involvement, including paying school fees. There are a good number of parents who care very much but do not have the time or resources to pour into the school. Overall Central High School is a good school, even though it has a number of areas to improve.
I have had many incidents with other students and occasionally teachers. I know I am not the only student who has had this problem. I have been to administration about these problems but nothing was done. The school is sub-par.
One thing that I would like to see a change in our school is student envolvement with one another. Overall, my past four years at Central High School have been the best.
I have attended this school all four years of my high school career. I don’t think I would choose any other school to attend other than central. If you are a good student and do your work like you’re supposed to, so many opportunities will be given to you. They offer countless clubs and activities to participate in. I was able to build my resume with these opportunities, and would still love to do more.
Central High School is very diverse and inclusive. The student body is very diverse and collectively adds charisma to the school’s atmosphere.
Great school, Great teachers and Great students. I have learned many things at this school.The facility itself is a little ruff, but that doesn't stop you from getting your education. The administration here is also great! They make sure students are safe and getting the education that they need!
I made some good friends there, and while there are some absolutely OUTSTANDING teachers there, there are also some sub par ones. They do not allocate enough funding to the arts, and the school is practically falling apart since the school board will not send any money. It is a decent school, and I enjoyed most of my time there, but there are better ones out there. That being said, I would not change my Alma Mater for the world.
I think that central is an ok place but it just needs to be more relatable with their students . And need to work on how to ready communicate and understand how teens feel and think now a days.
It’s a great school to get you ready for college. You meet new people and learn a lot of things about different cultures. You make long term friends and develop great relationships with teachers.
I've had an okay experience, my years weren't that good because I didn't do good in my grades freshman and sophomore year. If you do you work and participate in school activities, you will have a pretty good experience.
I like how nice the teachers are and how they’ll help you if you are having trouble with something. I dislike how it’s not the cleanest school.
The High School was well diverse with a good sense of community. I would like to see the math program improved to prepare me for college. The only way to get a good math education was to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses, which were primarily taught on-line.
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They are very active for some things and not enough for the more important things. They push students for their maximum intelligence, but they care more about this than the students’ mental health.
While I learned that we have a lot of things to do and Learn in the real world. They taught me how to work hard of what u want and u can be rewarded for it. This has helped me with school they are trying to help us get to for our college life. I can say they do want us to go to college and become something that must of us would ever think of . But Certral High is a good school to open your eyes to different people and new things.
Have teachers actually care about the students grades instead of lying that some students didn’t turn in work. A counselor that doesn’t focus on one students achievements of getting into a college but all students who even applied.
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