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I would like to see the students at the school be a bit more inclusive towards other students. I really like the way that the school system is set up and the teachers are really good at their jobs. I also really like how welcoming the school staff is and they are really good at accommodating to any and all situations. One thing that I would like to see the school upon is that there could be more funding given towards academic clubs in order for them to succeed even more than they already are.
I loved the amount of opportunity central brought. I had a good high school experience and it let me experiment with different majors.
I loved all the teachers. They always seemed to care in their own special way. They have a lot of different classes to take. They people always seemed nice too! Its a great school to go to.
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All the teachers at FHC are dedicated and passionate about teaching. They show their dedication to the students every day in the classroom. The students at FHC are supportive of one another and help each other through hard times. Students at FHC have a voice and are allowed to use that voice to bring about change in the school. The music and athletic programs at FHC are excellent. Opportunities are provided for the students. Clubs are easily formed and span all subjects in school. Overall FHC is a wonderful school and community to be a part of.
This school has many great teachers that are passionate about their job and love helping their students. The school's administration is not very helpful and is very slow at responding to anything. The classes are great and they offer many different choices. There aren't many active clubs though our sports programs are great. College readiness is a bit dependent on the ability of the student but for the most part only showed up towards the end of junior year beginning of senior year.
I have not had a lot of experience with this but it seems to be working well.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities available but the sports are my favorite.
The reason I love this school so much is because of my sports teams. The girls on my cross country team are pretty close to family.
There are some teachers that go above and beyond, while others may need to put in a little more effort.
I think that the teachers, overall, do a really good job. There are, of course, the usual outliers, but for the most part, a lot of the teachers at FHC teach well, and try to connect with their students.
FHC is known for its academics, and we do consistently provide above average test scores, but in the sense of how classes are taught and the required things, it's pretty bad.
There is very little diversity here. Everyone seem to be a clone of someone else. To make it worse people seem to think they're super unique despite the fact that it's hard to tell them and 5 other kids apart.
There are extracurriculars but none of them are necessarily spectacular. Quite frankly most of them are conflicting so it is difficult to be apart of more than one or two. I would say the majority of the school population is not related in an after school extracurricular excluding sports.
While some of the teachers are great, others are awful (as to be expected). Some teachers I find very relatable and love having non school related conversations with them, and others I dread seeing on a daily basis.
There is a problem with drugs that no one seems to be trying to fix, as well as much underaged drinking.
For an area that doesn't see a lot of violence or threats, the staff does a very good job with security measures. There are surprise drug searches and many security cameras. I think for the type of school it's very thorough.
There were a lot of extracurriculars offered that many students participated in. The variety was great, such as LGBTQ organizations, theater, equestrian, and film clubs. The sports however seemed a bit on the pricey side even though there were a lot of choices.
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This school was okay because there were a lot of extra curricular and lots of really unique features such as a dark room and a lot of the latest technology. There was a heavy focus on sports like most places, but I think my school focused a bit too much on them as the library left some to be desired. The counseling department however is not great. They will lock you into a schedule that you do not want and are not very helpful.
The teachers I had varied in teaching styles and proficiency. Some used technology more than others depending on the type of the course. I had several courses that met in school but everything was done on a laptop. About half of my teachers showed interest in students. Some of that interest however involved embarrassment or shouting unfortunately. Overall I think i had a positive experience.
My school is typical of an American high school which is fulfilling all of the student benefits and activities. Such as typical football games, dances and benefits. I am not a fan of these events and feel as though our school could be using this time and money for important events and issues in our country and the world.
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