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Central High School in Grand Junction, Colorado is known for its STEM certified campus as well as its “go-green” attitude, previously being awarded the Green Ribbon award. As a student, I enjoy working with the staff and teachers to assure my success in my future goal oriented plans. Central High School constantly improves on campus safety, school lunches, schedule system, and implementing ways for students to be directed into a greater path. Being in the student council and National Honors Society, I noticed and was a part of big events such as dances, charity works, fundraising, and community service, which would not be possible without the influence of Central High School.
As long as you don't have a problem with stairs you will be good. Lots of stairs and multiple buildings. Good staff overall.
I liked how kind most the teachers were and how willing the teachers were to help me succeed. I didn't like how they changed the process of things every year I attended, however.
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Central High School is a great school to go to. The teachers here are here to help the students. Students feel like they can trust the adults that work here and feel like they can get help if they need it. One thing I would like to see change at Central High School is more help with applying to colleges and more help applying to scholarships. If there was more help more students would feel more motivated to actually start looking into college.
The front office people are very helpful and help to let you know where you need to go or how to get to see the person you are meeting. they are always eager to help in any way.
I liked the sense of community at Central. The teachers have been awesome to work with and so has the administration. I also play softball for the school and our program is the best in the South Western Conference. I am also an officer with our JROTC program and the leadership is very empowering for girls.
My experience at Central High School was over all pretty good. I loved being in choir because the choir director there is extremely helpful, caring, and is a really good teacher and role model. I also liked the idea of having everyone join a club because I feel like it made people feel more like they belonged somewhere. There were times when I thought that some teachers didn't do as great of a job with the students as other teachers, and the school should invest in more security such as security cameras and so on. But overall, my experience with Central High School was pretty good :)
There are a few hard working teachers who really do a good job and engage. A majority are d***s and the staff is AWFUL at planning events or really anything. Everything is as complicated as possible. Very very limited funding and resources. Unlikeable students. The entire school district is poor and central is certainly no exception.
There is a lot of children that need help and aren’t recieving help or tutors. I do not feel safe we have had some many threats in the past 2 years, we had a bomb threat and a shooting threat. The teachers are very biased and they push their opinion on us, the students.
I loved going to central, it was a very good community. I would really like to see more student involvement in the arts programs though!
Central High school is that school everyone made fun of but feared secretly. Can't really expect much from high that has split kids with 3 other high schools
My experience at Central High School has been very well over the past 4 years. I appreciate the well rounded atmosphere and all the sporting coaches and programs i have participated in, i also enjoy the set of up classes my junior and senior year. The only things i didn't care for at Central were the way some classes were set up, like not being able to study one book for a good amount of time.
Central High School is amazing. All the teachers are nice and treat you as family. They all care for you and are truly invested in your studies. They have an amazing STEM program truthfully I love this school.
As an incoming freshman, the idea of going to Central High School terrified me. Now, as a senior, I can safely say that Central has a great sense of community, and I feel comfortable in these halls. The staff is, for the most part, composed of fairly caring adults, and the students here are very accepting of each other.
Central High School is in a great area! The teachers and staff love their students, every one of them know their students by name..even after many years of having class! The class sizes are great!
Student involvement is really bad and people generally don't care about their education. Most classes, especially Advanced Placement, feel dumbed down because students can't handle the material and won't put in effort. I have not enjoyed my time here, and feel I missed out on a lot of opportunities because Central has so little to offer. However, the teachers genuinely care about their students and try to push kids to do their best.
I like the opportunities for sports and clubs for me. My teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. I think it would be helpful to have more experienced coaches for sports.
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Very many students do not attend classes on a regular basis.
Most teachers are great at their job. Some need to be more in connection with students.
For health, I'm going to say that the nurse and options available are limited. If you had an injury or an ailment, it was always "lay down in the bed for a minute and go home!" or "you're fine, I can't give you anything and you don't need help." There were constant fire alarm drills and such, and I never once had to go through a serious threat to the school. There are not any metal detectors or specially locked doors after school hours, but there was always a police officer or two on campus to help. The staff was well educated on how to handle emergency situations, and overall the school is incredibly accommodating to those with special education needs. Bullying is not a problem at the school, though there were programs in place still to help prevent any future situations; there were multiple programs present at Central High School to inform students. such as drinking and driving or depression and suicide. Although the students could be big problem-makers outside of the school, the overall safety of the school was secure and pleasant.
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