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Central is a great school for students to attend. They have such a family-oriented environment. There is not a single faculty or staff member that does not care about the well being of each and every student. The education you receive is one of the best out there. They offer so many different classes just to get you prepared for your future after Central. The sports side of things is also just as good. Each sporting team has so much talent. From the younger kids, all the way up to the seniors is packed full of talent. We have a few huge rivalries which makes sports so much more enjoyable. Overall, I think Central offers so many skills to prepare students for their future careers.
Overall, I have had a wonderful experience at Central High School. I loved how many friendships I have developed over the years. I enjoy getting to play volleyball and basketball. If I could change anything, it would be to eliminate having favorites and treating people differently. The teachers and coaches sometimes make exceptions because of who people are and who their parents are. I would change it so everyone is equal.
I like the people and the community. Everybody is nice and it is a safe environment. I wish there were more electives to pick from and I wish there were more classes to prepare you for college. I wish there were more activities that were not sports related like a drama class or a graphic design class. Also, I wish there were more options for a foreign language other than just Spanish.
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Central has good academic expectations and several teachers that are super dedicated. However, there isn't a lot of options outside of sports for extra curricular until high school. There is not a lot of structure or supervision in recess or PE times. A lot of minor injuries happen, bullying, and inappropriate behavior happen during these times.
Central High School is a great place for kids to learn and help each other grow. Since it is a smaller school, it is much easier to get teacher help and have close friends. The Clubs at Central are growing with a new club almost every other year. Since I have been in High School, I have been in numerous clubs, including our first Robotics, Fellow Christian Athletes, and Math Club. These clubs are absolutely wonderful and help make the school so great. Every teacher seems to be involved in something weather that is a Club, the Beauty Pageant, or a Sport. Being at a school like Central you are able to have a good relationship with almost everyone. The only flaw I personally have had with the school is, there is no soccer team. While sports like golf and tennis are great sports, the interest is not there. While the interest for soccer is without a doubt present, but with they lack of an opportunity. Overall I have absolutely loved Central High School and would recommend it to anyone.
Everyone there is very nice and friendly. The teachers are friendly and know how to teach the students.
The teachers at the school are very caring and labor their students with everything they have . If you need extra help its offered and we have very many school activities fun for all grades.
I love this school and I intend on letting my children attend one day. It feels like home when you walk in; the teachers are down to earth, the students are caring, it's just a great atmosphere. I always felt safe when I was there, I knew that no matter what the circumstances, the students were the main priority. It does not get much better than that.
Central is an outstanding school in every category. The student body is extremely tight-knit, and they feel more like family than classmates. The academic programs allow students to excel. The athletic programs build an incredible amount of school pride. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful and supportive.
The facilities are well-suited for their intended purposes; however, the campus is a bit old. While recent renovations include a new wing in the high school, the original part of the building was built during the 1960's. It is still in use today for classroom space and restrooms.
Central offers some of best academics in the area. All of the teachers will go out of their way to help students with homework, resumes, college applications, club activities, and much more. They are also happy to offer advice and a listening ear for any student that may need it. Concerning academics, most teachers have at least ten years or much of teaching experience, and they are very knowledgeable in their respective fields. Central also offers many dual-enrollment classes, as well as early scholar programs at nearby colleges.
The school does not endorse or tolerate any form of bullying, drug use, or fighting. If an incident arises, the administration will proceed with the appropriate punishment for the student's actions, which may include detention, suspension, or expulsion. The teachers and administration create a very safe, bully-free, and encouraging environment for students. Our campus is exceptionally safe.
The high school administration, guidance counselor, and teachers are all very hands-on. They are dedicated to helping each student achieve his or her own goals, as well as providing a solid educational foundation that each student can use to further his or her future accomplishments. The administration supports policies that will directly improve the educational experience students receive.
There are many clubs and organizations in which students can become involved. The administration is also open to starting new clubs.
Overall we feel very safe in our school.
We are always striving to make improvements in all facilities, parent involement, college prep etc.
I was always very busy, but there are many activities available to all students.
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Most all teachers at Central make sure students are engaged. They try to incorporate new teaching strategies as often as possible.
Our principals and counselors really take the time to talk to the students and help them in anyway they can.
I love Central. It has always had a family atmosphere even though it is a larger school. Overall the teachers really care about the students both academically and personally.
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