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I personally mad many different connections with various people i may have not met otherwise. Teachers are very happy to help educate their students and it is an amazing learning environment.
I have had a great experience at my high school. It has a great agricultural program that is very open to all students. The teachers are so amazing and hard working.
Central has a very good open door policy. The school has more to offer the students than other high schools around us.
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We have a variety of dual enrollment and AP classes to prepare students for college. Most of the teachers genuinely care for the student's academic growth and will help the student grow.
I liked that they provided a decent range of classes. I would have liked to see some teachers help students, and help the kids who arent learning as fast as others. They should have classes on learning how to pay your bills, or learn about finances.
There has been a lot of change in the faculty lately, and I'm hoping to see progress from the new faculty moving forward.
Being a student at Central High School was a very good experience. I made many friends and had lots of educational opportunities. Some aspects could be better, but overall I definitely recommend Central.
McMinn Central has taught me so much more than academics. I have learned day in and day out what there is to come. I have become more prepared for my future academics and my future job. I hope this school continues to keep on providing what it provides and future students have the experience I have had.
I have went to Central high school all four years of high school.

It is a great school. The students and faculty are great! They have wonderful clubs to join. If students get into a bind with their work , the teachers are always there to help.
Central High School has prepared me for my future life after graduation this upcoming spring, the faculty and staff are all very helpful and will go out of their way to do anything that needs to be done for students. Central has helped me more than just academically, my teachers have prepared me to buy a home, get a job, and work towards being financially stable. If I could go back to my freshman year and have options to choose a different school I wouldn’t take it in a heartbeat.
I did not like high school in general. Senior year was my favorite. I had some good teachers and became close friends with some. I like going to sporting events. I did a lot of activities with clubs and made new friends through them.
Central High School has wonderful academic possibilities. I have a business elective and I have such a great opportunity to further my educational understanding on business topics such as, marketing, finance, and accounting. Certain controversial issues occur and I think they take the focus off trying to make the school excel better. A past issue was the dress code and some of the requirements that came along with it. I have been dress coded before and for punishment I was sent home to change and not to come back until I had something "appropriate" on. Ultimately, I love my school and the teachers, but I hope to see changes and better focused staff members on concerning issues.
I have been attending central high school ever since freshman year. I have not had a bad experience here. The teachers are so willing to help in every way that they can. The principal is strict, however, you have to respect her and the rules and she will respect you in return.
Central High has many student-involved activities. Teachers are hands on and it is hard to fall through the cracks,
It’s a really good school for learning and trying new things, it has a lot of wonderful people and teachers
I really love going to Central High School. They offer many great honor classes, college credit classes, and other classes for future professions. I like the fact that the teachers will help you when it comes to school and help you with college plans. The administration keeps the school running, safe, and helps overall student life. The clubs offer a way to be involved with the community and meet new people. If I could change anything I would like to be on block scheduling. The school is always asking how they can do better. I like that because the school takes our opinions and thoughts into consideration. The classes are challenging and fun at the same time. Over the four years I have been here, I have had a great experience. From the study body and staff to the clubs and sports, I would not change a thing. The school has given me wonderful opportunities that will follow me throughout my whole life.
every activity my children are in , are happy & involved & want to help others become involved also
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the teachers care about the students. they realize that if they need assistance they are there for them.
they have recently installed an office that you can not get past unless someone unlocks door for you.
all staff seem to care about students & are very good at letting them express their concerns to them.
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