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Traverse City Central High School is a challenging, connected, and awesome high school. Teachers and students make big connections and work towards building a better community.
The school was pretty stable during my first year, but afterwards there where many problems. Starting with different teachers every single week, and constant confusion within the student body and facility on how to handle it. Not to mention half of the first year students failed a class, that had a teacher, that didn't teach anything. Although there are some teachers that did their job, the other 50% didn't.
Being in the school since 9th grade it has been going through big changes from getting 2whole new principals to new programs being brought to the school its kind hard for me to give the school a good or bad reading so I'm going to just say its interesting
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my overall experience while I was attending the school is that everyone participated in they own way.
The teachers at Central High school are very hands on and very respectful when it comes to the students.
When i first got here i liked it the most. I say that because that was my best year in football and also our principle was more understanding and lenient.
I would say that they definitely do more then they have to and that they make sure we are good even if they arent good.
It could use one improvements but its over all ok
there not a variety of activities
I would like a different culture of a school
if it went back to traditional it would be great.
what make this school unique is that people come together and do activities without finding if i wasnt a senior i would come back here cause i really like this school.
I like Central Collegiate Academy , but of course there are things i don't like about Central .
Being at this school isn't all bad. there are some benefits like in the summer time if your passing your classes and have good grades you could get a summer job. Another good thing is that you would have some what of fun because you meet new people and make friends. When you tend to have friends you enjoy yourself. My school is too strict on what type of uniform we have on. I think as long as were getting an education it shouldn't matter what we have on. There is a lot of extracurricular activities going on. Either you hear about it and do it and don't heat about it and miss out, that's how things always go anyway. If I could do this all over again I don't think I would because when I came to this school about two years ago, I didn't know it was a EAA school. When basically means you stay in school longer than other schools and you basically don't have a summer break.
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