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Central High school is an awesome school. There are so many activities and clubs to join to get to know more people. For the most part, everyone is inviting and open to meeting new people. The teachers are always there to help when you need it and care about your wellbeing and grades. Just like other schools, central does have the basic food that no one really likes, but every Wednesday, we have papa Johns and open campus. There are also many learning opportunities and the counselors definitely care about your future. As you go through each grade, your counselor will talk about what you need in order to graduate, help with scholarships, and help you find your future career.
Davenport Central has the best culture in the state of Iowa! As a graduate, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I pray that my children one day have the same experience there as I did.
Love the teachers and how they are there to help the students and give their time. The students involvement in the sports. We go out and help cheer on the athletes and make them feel good whether we win or lose. I like how the teachers make you get involved in the classroom and how if you need special attention with homework they make an effort to help each and every student to help them pass.
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What I like most about Central is the amount of school spirit and the history we have. There are a few teachers and staff that I would like to see leave due to their action and words that I have experienced in the past but overall most of the teachers do their job very well and want their students to succeed. The student and staff relationship is very good. There is only a small majority of students that show bad character. College readiness needs to improve.
Central High School has many different opportunities offered to students from an academic standpoint and an athletic standpoint. As you progress through your high school career, you are given more accountability, which helps you to become a proactive person. Despite the many good qualities Central has, there are small steps administrators and students can take to make our building a safer and more efficient environment.
I switched to Central my freshman year and it was a great improvement from my old school. The majority of the teachers are very supportive and want you to learn and be ready for college.
Central High School is a very tight knit community. The staff cares about the students, the sports teams feel like family, and good students are made to feel appreciated. Whether it be National Honors Society, or the basketball team, there were plenty of things I could take part in that made me feel like I truly fit in. It was easy to make friends and I've never had problems getting along with people. They offer a wide range of classes, college level and college prep alike. Central also has an incredible swimming facility and new auditorium.
Central helped set me up for success in college. The teachers I had were helpful and passionate. I had the chance to take several upper level classes that prepared me for college courses. I was also able to engage in extracurricular activities that interested me such as orchestra and mock trial.
I loved attending Central all four years of my high school career. The academics and clubs/activities are so diverse and amazing. Central is a wonderful school and I would recommend it to everyone.
A nurse is always available. There are multiple security guards/policemen present.
I just wish there was more student involvement.
The teachers are overall great. Every teacher has a different agenda and teaching styles but seem pretty consistent when it comes to grading.
I expected no diverse community in Iowa. I don't really know why. When I came here, I thought I was gonna be the only black or African in the school. But, there are even diverse students and community it is so amazing. I felt very good when I figured that out. And I am very cool with the differences, you know, I got to meet Mexicans, Indians and so on.
It is so interesting how the school system here is totally different than the school I used to go to in Ethiopia. I was surprised when I got to choose the subjects I want to take. I like it so much here, I am able to get help before school or after school, there are many advanced placement classes, college preparing classes. The teachers are very amicable and helpful.
I barely know about this because I don't have Health and Safety issues in Ethiopia. Once I was very sick and I went to the nurse and she was very nice to me. They are very kind and humble.
It is very awesome. I joined the soccer team and it was so fun and I loved it. The team by itself is amazing. Our coaches are devoted into training us. I came here in August and I wasn't able to join the volleyball team but still I went to the games and it was entertaining. I have joined the international and Girl's learn international clubs. We do different activities inside and outside of school. I presented about my country to this clubs and they were very interested. I like it very much!
I really really like Central High School. As an exchange student from Ethiopia, the school system is totally different and more likable. I wish I could go to Central for my senior year. The teachers are great. They are very friendly. So are the students. I got along with almost everyone easily. They were curious to know about my upbringing and Ethiopia. It was a great experience I would love to go their if I get a financial aid and afford the expenses.
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The teachers at Central High School are well educated and very amicable. I can easily go before school or after school to get help or finish missing works. They want everyone to get good grades and work hard to reach that goal. I really appreciate their ideology.
The athletics at the school are poor and medicure. Everything about them needs to be improved the only sufficient team is the male track team and soccer everyone else needs a lot of reform. The coaches are so biased in a lot of the sports it is sickening. The clubs however are a lot better but they often times do not have the funding our membership to continue on. The level of student commitment is poor. Kids will come out for about a week and realize it too much work for them and they just quit. It is terrible how lazy the students are. It will be amazing to see how the school progresses after my class of peers leaves. I am not very confident in things because they are trying to change things but often times the students are not willing to change with things.
High school for me was an overall dull experience it could have been greatly improved. If I could go back and do it all again I would. There are better athletics and coaching at different school and I feel like my talents would have been better utilized in different programs. I also feel as if I went to a different school my abilities would have been more appreciated and nourished,
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