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I like the teachers at Central, but the amenities are less than subpar. The principle is very sports oriented and focuses less on the arts. Safety is also very poor.
I Like the friends I made however I did not feel I learned all I could. I also did not feel very safe in this school.
Some of the staff are fantastic, they are very felxible when t comes to late work and some even get to know you on a personal level. However, as someone who ended up with serious health issues, the administration wasn't always the easiest to work with. They made it extremely difficult for m to graduate because I was in and out of the hospital so often.
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The teachers at our high school help students in any way they can, helping to make then successful for college and their next steps in life. The environment and atmosphere are nice and the people are friendly. One thing I would change is how they do online classes.
I had a great experience here at this school! As a transfer student midway through junior year, the students and teachers made it easy to get acclimated and make friends while maintaining my grades.
The teachers are overall amazing. I would like to see the environment of the school to change; a more positive and happier place.
I loved certain classes of High School but overall the class selections we had weren't the best. I wish we had classes that helped us learn more of the certain things we need to know as adults. High School is suppose to be there so we can one get a good career but it should show us what we to know so we don't mess up our future do to minor things that could have been avoided.
Very negative atmosphere. The teachers do not care about students. Bullying is prevalent. The facility is falling apart. The academics are horrible and do not prepare students for college or even the real world.
I really like how most of my teachers are really fun to talk to, but I hate the environment that the students create.
It is a small school which makes things very personal and it is easy to get extra help when needed. Some teachers are amazing and care a lot about their students and what they are teaching and others just do not.
There are a few teachers that seem to care more about their jobs than others. These teachers actually seem to want to see their students succeed more than the others.
Overall a very good high school. I felt well prepared for most aspects of college after graduation. Good opportunities within the school, including extracurricular sports as well as many art and drama clubs.
Central High School is a good school for me because of its small population. However Central lacks many modern things because of its lack of funding.
The teachers here have always been amazing. They're excellent at putting in grades quickly and are always willing to help. The only complaint about this school is the narrow hallways and it's age.
central is good. I would like to see the teachers who insist on talking about politics not try to force their opinions on us. Overall it is a good environment to learn in.
Well, some of the teachers there are amazing and go above and beyond for all students, while some don't even bother to stay for the mandatory hours they are suppose to. So overall I would say the staff is average. The principal I had for three years wasn't very popular, but he's leaving to go to another school district so I don't know what the new principal is like. Good luck if you take advanced algebra two and pre-calc those were painful classes where I had to teach myself a lot of the material. The food is also gross typical school food so you might want to pack your own lunch.
My experience at Central High School was decent. The teachers are always willing to help with academics, and are genuinely kind people. My classes are typically enjoyable and interesting, and challenge me the way they should.
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We have less than half a dozen kids in our school that are not white... And a lot of kids go to church and sometimes are very judgmental of others.
Half of the teachers are decent and the other half make me want to pull my hair out.
Well pot is a big problem in our school and not much done about it.
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