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For the most part Central High School was awesome. The only thing I can complain about is all the outdated stuff. Anything from books to gym equipment everything just seemed outdated.
Central High School is, simply put, just another high school. As far as academics go, it scores slightly above the state average, however the teachers lack in their ability. Also, the administration at the school is not strict.
Clifton Central High School offered assistance any time I needed it. I had a teacher that was my coach as well as my teacher. This teacher went above and beyond in helping me reach my potential. I would change only a few things, for example, the food and lack of sports available.
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We have some great extracurriculars at Central. They have a lot of opportunities and help a lot of people. As of late with budget cuts, we are unfortunately losing a lot of them, but the ones we do have are full of activities to do.
High school is a touchy subject for a lot of people. There is often a lot of drama, but I have managed to stay out of it. Instead of destroying others, I am involved with groups that focus on helping others instead of ignoring them. People do test my patience sometimes, but all around my high school experience has not been that bad.
The teachers at my school about every student that walks through the halls of our school. They do not want to see any of us fail, and there are a ton of programs to get help before or after school. The only minor complaint is that the teachers do sometimes have a bit of favoritism, but it is only when they have issues with problem students. Even then, they make an effort to resolve conflict. Overall, the teachers do a great job with the students.
Central has a good variety of sports and extra curricular activities, however, they are not always the best quality. For example, one of the clubs rarely got together to do things, and others are not very well funded.
I rated this school okay for several reasons. First of all, Centrals grading scale is not how it should be. It is harder than other schools and that makes our grades look worse than they really are. Another big issue at our school is respect. Kids get away with being extremely disrespectful.
Teachers knowledge is a big factor in how they teach. Learning from teachers who know what they are talking about is much easier because they can quickly and accurately answer any questions you may have. Some teachers at my school know what they are teaching and others do not.
What makes this school unique is that it is fairly small but has a lot of school spirit, especially for football season. There are plenty of opportunities for one to succeed but you have to work for it. I didn't know anyone going into this school my freshmen year but thankfully I was able to make some good friends. However this isn't the case for everyone since there aren't that many groups of friends to choose from. Some perfectly normal, nice people end up hanging out by themselves because the school isn't big enough to facilitate the diversity some people need. However it is still a good school with plenty of educational opportunities and fun to be had.
I would never go back to school there
It's better than most high schools but lunches are very expensive.
I think they put sports and fitness above most school work
Most of the teachers obviously have favorites and allow them to do whatever they want and get away with it. A lot of the teachers also grade unfairly based on their favorites.
There are a lot of extra curricular activities available
Teachers all have access to technology but very few utilize their resources.
Have a good system to make sure intruders do not get into the building, but office staff seem to just let anyone in. We do not have a school nurse.
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Most teachers know what they are teaching about, but some are really bad teachers.
The school is not very diverse, maybe people come from the same ethnic background. You could say that sometimes it is economically diverse.
Most everyone gets along and we all support eachother. The teachers are very friendly and knowledgable.
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