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The majority of teachers at Central are wonderful. They are dedicated to their students and the subject they teach. However, it takes more than a good teacher to make a good school. Central is literally falling apart, the walls are crumbling, there was asbestos in the pipes until January 2019, there was lead in certain water fountains for a short time, and there is no air conditioning which makes it very hard to focus and learn in the summer. There is also no money so the teachers don't have access to resources that would let them reach their full potential. But even with all of that the incredible teachers have stayed here for years which shows just how great they are and I know I will look back on my time here with more good memories than bad ones.
For me personally, Central was pretty Mediocre. It had some pretty good teachers and some bad teachers. There was some pretty good diversity but the school itself was old and there were limited facilities for sports.
Administration wasn't very involved with the students or fixing problems-especially bullying. The diversity is the main reason why I gave it 4 stars because it opened my eyes to various other viewpoints and social issues. Many people I know who attended private schools are ignorant to the problems minorities have to face.
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The academics and teachers made Central a very enjoyable environment. The part that made me feel uneasy at times was the lack of safety. We had a lot of incidents that could have been avoided with proper planning.
As a student at Central high school, I have observed stark differences in the way that various students are taught. There are two different Central High Schools- one where students are invited to think freely and become members of the greater intellectual community, and one where students are expected to slide by on low grades, and the teachers' duty is not to teach, but to serve as a babysitter and mediator. This is a socioeconomic, racial, and cultural divide which shows itself in the cultural makeup of various classes. As an AP student, I see no black males in my classes, and very few females. This is unrepresentative of the talents in our student body.
The school itself and the resources it had were nothing special. The students were not always kind, but certain faculty and staff members were incredible and make high school bearable.
Overall 7/10 experience. The school definitely needs to relocate or get upgraded, it needs a football field and a track so students can practice efficiently. IF anything my complaint would be towards the school guidance counselors and the office administration. Many times I was forced into classes I had no interest in or I wasn't allowed to take some courses. I was also forced all throughout high school to be in all 8 periods, in which participating in a sport/working was already added into the mixture of raising my stress levels. Let me just say college was a breath of fresh air and a way of loosening the restraints of high school.
I liked my high school. I got good grades and they were accommodating to my learning difference. I was never bullied and felt comfortable going there every day.
While the student body is very diverse, the teachers are not. Many teachers will listen to a student with respect, but there are always those few who do not. It can take some time before new students find their place, but there are many extracurriculars to aid in the process.
What I like about Champaign Central high school is that it's a widespread diversity school, which many can be seen as both a negative and positive thing. This school offers a lot of sports and clubs and a good administration. Teachers are very prepared and well educated which helps us increase our knowledge.
I like the fact that individuals who want to pursuit special academic pathways have the opportunity to do so through clubs and honors classes. They are supported full heartedly by their teachers to do so.
Central High School has an outstanding music/arts program that does not get the credit it deserves. Central also has good athletic teams. There are a lot of extracurriculars available and the faculty and staff are overall very good. One large downside is the building itself is very old and is simply outdated, and the school does not have it's own sports fields located near the school.
The teams and clubs at this school regularly place high in local and state competitions, despite a lack of funding and support from the community. They do the best they can with the little they have, and they rock it.
I loved this place. The diversity is really important to me. If you go here, you will learn not only how to live with and learn with people who think differently than you, but to also love them for those differences. The community is not homologous, but it does function at a high level because of that.
These teachers really care about the kids they work with, and put up with a lot to keep doing their jobs because apparently, they love them.
All my friends attend this school and many of the teachers i have met are really kind and are willing to help you even if you are no longer in their class. I have made many new connections that have made me who I am today.
They are all really great always wanting students to retain what they learn for the whole school year and not just for a week. But there are some teachers who have favorites and tend to get off topic because of them.
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We have great school spirit, great people
I love the things I was able to do with clubs and the variaty of races that went here
It was decent, the other student were usually very nice. The faculty is helpful and the activities were enjoying.
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