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My experience at Central High School has been nothing short of phenomenal! My school has a beautiful campus and flawless administrators that will stop at nothing to see their students succeed. I have been class president for the past two years and my only regret in high school is not being more involved sooner.
Central High School is a great place for students. A wonderful community and supportive student-centered environment.
It was a great school to attend. The academics were top notch and we had plenty of opportunities to go above and beyond for learning. The biggest issue I ever encountered was the politics. This is a true southern high school and the politics for sports and the “who’s who” is a really big factor here. Don’t expect to play a sport if your parents or family aren’t big donators to the school and athletics program. Overall, an amazing school, but it does have some downsides unfortunately.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed my time while working at Central High School. The faculty and staff are second to none and the students that attend are completely bought in to making everyone's experience premier. The environment and school climate is extremely positive and teachers push students to their potential.
Great school environment! Very welcoming and supportive. Central has a great sense of pride and everyone is involved!
This is the best school in Carroll County. They have the best teachers and opportunities for parents and students.
I am a teacher at Central High School and I have to say that this is one of the best schools that one could ask to work for. Administration is excellent is every way. All teachers want to help their students and are actively trying to help their students succeed in academics and beyond.
Central High School is an amazing school where students are treated to a high quality education and teachers that care not only about the students' education, but their well-being as well.
At Central High School, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators work together to do what is best for each student. I love this school!
Great school! The staff is caring and super at meeting student needs. The students are always courteous, engaged and give 100%. The parents and community stand behind this school through thick and thin. Great place to work! I am truly blessed to be a teacher at CHS!
I love working at Central High! Great community, awesome students, and a sense of pride for our academics, athletics, and fine arts! I'm proud to be a Central Lion.
Central is a wonderful school. The faculty is a caring and supportive staff that takes the student's needs to heart.
Awesome school with wonderful teachers and administrators. Priority to getting students ready for the next level and safety of students. Fine Arts is tops in the area.
I love central !! It is so good at making you feel loved and needed! They make sure you have all the right classes and provide help! The best thing in the lunch room are crispitos the lunch ladies make them the best !
This school is so great! The administration really deeply cares about their students and pushes for academic excellence! They truly are a family and love one another.
The school spirit and everyone is really nice here. I love everything about this school and everything is clean and we have really good teachers that are really good teachers. This school is really awesome
I am a proud parent of two students who graduated with honors from Central High School. They both had great, well rounded academic and extracurricular experiences at Central and currently have highly successful professional careers. I am also a retired Central High teacher and loved the culture and working with many awesome educators throughout my 19-year tenure!
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Have always enjoyed the encouraging attitude of administration, teachers, and students!
The students are involved in many activities beyond the classroom and are truly accepting of others.
Central High is more than just a school, it’s a family. From the academics to the extracurricular activities that are offered, there is no other place I would want my children to be!
Family atmosphere where the teachers and administrators care about all students...couldn’t pick a better environment for your child.
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