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This school has been the place that really made me who I am. I am a better student, person, and leader than I was before and I now know what it truly means to be a hard worker. Central is an amazing school!
The best high school in Carroll County! I have little to no complaints throughout my entire high school career.
I love the spirit of our school, and how we support our teams no matter the result of previous trials. I enjoy spending my class times learning and encompassing all of the wonders that have been discovered. I love how art has given me an outlet for my stress and confusion; However, with all of these amazing things we need to see change. The students of Central High School need to see change in how we come together. We need to see change of knowing that there are trusted adults within our school, and we need to see change in knowing that we are wanted there. All of these are not prevalent within our school, and if they are, they need to stand out more. Also as an art kid, we need to have AP 2-D and 3-D Art. It will help kids tremendously with their skills and how to adapt as well as develop ideas.
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Central High school is very strong in academics, sports, clubs, and much more. Which means a lot to the students here that they care so much about not only our education but they care about getting us ready for the next step.
Central High school is very strong in academics, sports, clubs, and much more. Which means a lot to the students here that they care so much about not only our education but they care about getting us ready for the next step.
Everyone takes caution with this virus going on. The teachers are wonderful and full of knowledge to give us
It’s such a great school to go to, it’s fine arts program is above all and it’s academic standpoint is outstanding! It’s a great school to attend and I wouldn’t choose anywhere else to be
Overall, it is very good. The administration does look out for the students and you can see true care in some of them. However, I would like to see less avoidance over harsh topics. I.e suicide, depression, etc. Teenagers experience these things more and more now days, and they need to learn how to cope with it.
This school is very involved in the well-being of their students, and puts a lot of time and effort into all of the extra-curricular activities like sports, clubs, and especially the band program. We are also part of an amazing school system.
Central High school is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers and staff. Everyone is always willing to help. The school takes academics very seriously, but there is also a focus on letting students be involved in extracurricular activities that they enjoy.
Central is a great school with many great activities. To be honest, everyone fits in at this school. I really enjoy the marching band here!!!
It is fantastic! They really help me to prepare for the years to come and to better understand what I need to do to achieve my goals and plans for the future!
This year Central has made big changes. Everyone is more aware of the situation. Central is doing a great job social distancing.
Understanding that no school is absolutely perfect, I believe that Central High School is a very good school. CHS offers a balance of educational opportunities as well as extracurricular activities. My experience is that CHS is accepting of and encourages parental involvement. I have been pleased with our families experience at Central High School so far.
Central high school is a great school with excellent family and community support. I have had 3 children graduate and continue on to excel in college, my last child is on the same path. They have all had so many great opportunities and experiences.
Central High School has been the best place for my student. She has thrived from day one and been given so many opportunities to lead and excel in academics as well as extra curricular activities. The administration and teachers are top notch too. Central is one big family that works together for the betterment of each and every student. We are so happy to be apart of the Lion Family!
I love the friendly and helpful staff. They make you feel like family. The academics is at the highest level. I have had to graduate from Central and have a 10th grader. They offer a variety of clubs and the music and arts program is the best.
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As a parent I have been impressed with Central High overall. The teachers are engaged and involved with their students. In my daughter's 2 yrs she has been involved with band and choir as well as several other clubs. I am pleased with the experience she has had so far. I look forward to a successful high school experience.
Learning at central can be fun, as well with the teachers, they are the ones who make it fun. Central is like a big family. But Some of the faculty can be a little rude so if they could be a bit nicer that would be great. Mainly the main office.
I have really enjoyed Central High School. There is a wide variety of classes and they offer lots of AP classes and are very helpful with making dual enrollment easy. I enjoy all of the clubs here that I am in. The chorus and theatre departments are both great and they’re a great way to form friendships.
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