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My experience at central high school has been okay, as far as learning about myself and preparing myself for the future
As a student of Central High School, I managed to always make honor roll and gain good time management. I was provided with helpful teachers who cared about my success, but would not hesitate to give a bad grade had I miss an assignment. I had caring counselors who made sure I stayed on top of work while maintaining a positive mindset as well. However, I would respectfully recommend more training for some teachers lacking in classroom management. I have witnessed several teachers be disrespected in their own classrooms and have done nothing to handle the disrespect. The time students take to disrespect takes away from a lesson that could benefit students in the future. Overall, I've had a very good experience personally at this school because I was able to grow mentally and physically while helping others in the progress. I am so grateful that the staff at Central High School has turned me into a leader that many underclassmen can rely on.
I liked how the teachers push the students to become better in school not only that but they stay after school and helps with things that we don’t understand.I have never been good in math and my teacher always stays after school with me and helps,guides through what I need to know.All the teachers and staff are good people their help us a lot to when we have problems they always give us the best advice that any kid can get
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I went to central and was involved in multiple sports as well as some of the academic programs there. It isn't too bad where it cant be fixed but the school definitely needs some improvements.
Students are able to help each other with important needs and there is always a great proffessional relationship between a student and a teacher.
I was a new student here for My senior year it’s very boring and I didn’t make any new friends I didn’t really have a good time maybe because I missed all of my Old friends but I was mostly ready to finish my high school career and graduate.
I spent my entire high school experience at Central High School and I loved every minute of it. there were good times and bad times but altogether I appreciated every thing and everyone who I met and who helped me achieve everything possible all the way up to my graduation.
Central High school have a numerous amounts of academic programs which is really good for the students. Central have an i.b program, A.V.I.D program, they allow A.P courses, and they also have honors courses. Central have a really caring staff. The staff is primarily all about the students and will go out their way to help them in almost anyway.
Overall I had a very good time at Central due to me being the new student and because I also got to be with my friends from middle school and elementary school. And I’m very glad that PGCPS is remodeling the school so I’m very excited to see how my school will be when I come back as an alumni.
Central high school has some of the best academic programs in the county and they take pride in ensuring students whom are in their programs succeed an have a 100 percent graduation rate.
I entered Central high school in the 2018-2019 school year as a senior my experience was great , the teachers were entertaining and i made a lot of friends.They need some funds so can have more activities and stuff for students.
My son is in the International Baccalaureate program at Central High School. The staff and counselors have been extremely responsive and proactive in regard to his educational goals and requirements. I am always able to reach the head of the program and discuss my student's progress both socially and academically. I have been very pleased with the PDP and IB programs that Central High School has in place.
I think it’s okay it but the environment and building need work. I think it’s diversity is great. I think that some of the teachers are alright and the staff. The students are rowdy and annoying but can’t blame the school I guess. Also, I think the disciplinary actions could be taken better
Central High School lacks many resources that could help benefit students for the future. The graduation rate has dropped tremendously and need big improvements to help the following generation succeed successful.
Central isn’t a bad song. The spirit is kind of low and the teachers don’t really push. Only programs like IB and French immersion or AVID actually push their students other than than people just come to school and then leave
Ive built bonds with a few teachers from Central & i believe its a very overlooked school because of the location
As a Central High Alum, I consider the school to be great with a few minor changes. However my 3 years at central allowed me to realize that the misconduct of students, the lack of student activities will be one of the greatest downfall of the school. Despise the minor issues, the school offer great opportunities such as AVID, IB, French Immersion, Honor Society, Dual Enrollment and also AP credited. The School also has a variety of sports such as Men and Women basketball, Men and Women soccer, tennis, football, swimming, baseball, track and field, wrestling and softball.
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Central high school may not be a top tier school but the counselors and teachers care about the students future. I would like to see this school get more district support.
Central had its ups and downs. As far as student life, I wouldn't have wanted to be with any other class. We had our tough times but it was worth it.
Central high school has a lot it needs to change. Their are uninterested teachers and staff who are only there for the money and not the interest of students and also the security. Central does have a lot to offer. Their is and AP program , IB program , ROTC program and also more that can help someone better their life in a major way.
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