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Cape Central High School was a great experience and helped me a lot with getting me prepared for college. Almost any activity you could think of we have. If I could change one thing though I would change advisory back to the way it was. The new way doesn't allow you to get the help you need unless you are failing the class. Also even if you are failing say math you might get put with a Social Studies teacher to help you with Math. That just doesn't make any sense.
At Central High School, students are able to partake in an array of extracurriculars. There is a variety of clubs, sports, and other activities that any student could become involved in. Teachers and students are able to form strong bonds, and there is a good learning environment. The counselors and administration work hard and get a lot done for this school. The most pressing issue at Cape Central, however, is that the teachers are not treated well enough, so over the four years I've been here, I've seen a large amount of the staff leave and be replaced by fresh out of college teachers.
I am currently a Junior at Cape Central High School and my experience here has been pretty good. I have made lots of friends, taken many honors and AP classes, and have been given the opportunity to take the ACT for free. I love most of my teachers. Some of them , I believe, are not suited to be teachers due to their poor teaching abilities and their general personality. Everything about this school is either average or great. I have overall enjoyed my three years of high school and I look forward to my senior year.
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Cape Central has shown me what working and studying in a diverse community is like. Everyone is different in their own ways like socioeconomic statuses, academic inclines and ethnics. It is very beneficial to attend a school that accepts absolutely everyone. We have no criteria to attend Cape Central. There are also many great opportunities like dozens of clubs, sports, and activities to participate in.
My experience in high school has been honestly great. I've been apart of the year book staff for three out of my four years here. I've been apart of the track and field team since I've been here as well. My school is very diverse, i love that because I get a chance to meet all kinds of people from different places. At Central High School My teachers give me the encouragement/confidence to do anything I put my mind to. The students here are great as well, I've never had an issue. One thing I wish I could change about my school is our dress code. Although, over the years it's slowly fading but I just feel like every student should be able to dress as freely as they want to, unless skin or inappropriate areas are being shown. Every student is unique, so we should be able to dress uniquely without consequences.
There are truly caring people and staff. The level of education is remarkable. Most classes are difficult.
I've been in the same school district my whole life, and I guess it's okay. The teachers are usually helpful, but a lot of the homework is ridiculous. They expect us to do 50 pages in one night, as if we don't have after school activities, a social life, a job, and the need to sleep. I've seen kids pass out because of the stress.
It has classes that any person could wish for. There are several sports teams and just regular clubs. There have been bullying problems in the past but the school has always addressed it head on and made sure the victim was ok mentally and physically.
There were a lot of teachers who helped with anything that was needed, but a lot of the counselors pushed for only local universities.
I loved the environment and the teachers are amazing. Many of them get to know you on a personal level and keep in contact with you even after you leave the school.
I love cape central it has a great administrative staff they also stay late to help you with homework or projects they have great lunches and I am proud to say I go to cape central it is the best school ever and does not have any bad thing about it. They have awesome lunch ladies and lots of academics and sports I love the volleyball team and basketball. If you have trouble deciding what school to go to choose cape central high school.
Central High School provides a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The teachers do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and are always ready to answer questions students may have.
Growing up in with this school district has allowed me to stay connected to the people I've grown up with and create different bonds with the teachers. The teachers are always ready to help assist the students and are willing to show up early or stay late to help students. My high school experience is great and I really enjoy coming to school and learning, since the teachers make the lessons interesting. There is a variety of food at lunch and it's good and I always eat school lunch and the lunch ladies are so sweet and kind to all the students. Our sports teams are open to everyone and they all wish to have a lot of people come to tryouts. My experience at Cape Central High School will stay with me, and it will remind me of how fortunate I am to have such a caring faculty and friendships along with being able to expand my knowledge by taking AP courses.
A few years ago I would've said that the academics at our school were outstanding. However, this past year we had certain AP and honors courses taken away from the curriculum as well as the challenge program for our more intelligent and creative students. We also previously lost a few teachers who had or were working towards their masters in their degree. Despite these changes, Cape Central's curriculum is still very rigorous and exceptional. The teachers work with the students to better understand the ever evolving ACT/SAT, dual credit, and AP exams. The scheduling process at our school can be difficult for student wishing to be placed in many AP courses, but it is still fairly easy to figure out the best schedule for yourself. Workload differs in our school depending on the amount of academically challenging classes a student takes. As a student who is currently enrolled in four AP courses and one honors courses out of seven possible hours, I often find the workload difficult and, at times, overbearing. However, that is to be expected of such rigorous classes.
As most schools do, we often struggle with peer pressure and acceptance both within social groups and within ourselves. Last year we had a major incident of online bullying where a student created an instagram page for the sole purpose of downgrading others. However, this was handled wonderfully by the administration. After this incident was brought to their attention, our vice principal started a new trend that has now spread throughout the community called #CTkindness. The idea of this tread is to spread kindness throughout our school to negate the harsh words of bullying and self doubt and it has worked tremendously. Our school is also very diverse in both ethnicity and sexual orientation. Our students and faculty are very accepting of others and it is a great environment for student to grow in.
The clubs and organizations are of many and are very diverse. I personally am involved in many organizations, some of which include BETA club, NHS, and International Thespian Society. A few of the most popular organizations include Student Senate and BETA club. My favorite part about school is, in fact, the Thespian Troupe that we have. Our director is very dedicated and has taken our troupe and expanded our horizons and opportunities. Where a few years ago our school put on only two shows (a musical and a play), with our new director, Kimberly Wibbenmeyer, we now put on 5 productions including sensory friendly shows and social issue one act productions. There is also wonderful administrative support for these programs.
Freshman year through my junior year this school was dedicated to its student and their activities. We had a variety of well-developed programs for every interest imaginable. I have very fond memories of the time spent at this school. AP and honors classes as well respected and are reasonably challenging for those students who wish to reach above and beyond. Challenge students had a wonderful program dedicated to their specific success up until my senior year. Students with disabilities are considered and treated properly with as much care and dedication as that given to normal students. I was, however, disappointed when our superintendent implemented changes to the school that were heavily protested by student, teacher, parents, and many other parts of the community. These changes took away the much needed and appreciated challenge program as well as a few AP courses, decreased the teacher staff, and dramatically increased the class sizes. If it weren't for these changes the past year I would have marked "It's the best" on my overall experience with Cape Central High School.
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Most of the teachers at my school dedicate more time than necessary to their students. I was skeptical to respond "strongly agree" with some of the choices because there are still those teachers (as are in every school) that think of teaching as merely a job and do not care for their students success. However, many teachers at this school care deeply for their students success and take the time to explain their curriculum and life after high school. I have a few teachers who deeply care about my success after high school and spend their time assisting me in applications and offering advice.
The school has a resource officer in the building all day during school hours which makes the school feel more safe.
There are a ton of different clubs for all types of different interests.
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