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I personally liked that Central truly wanted what is best for their students. The teachers at central are very welcoming and if they see you struggling in class they will see to it that you get help in order to flourish in their class. I would say that while there are a lot of people involved in after school activities, central could always try to be a little bit more involved. Furthermore, while I do thank administration for ensuring that are schools are safe, at times, they neglect to listen to their student body.
At Central High School you truly feel part of a cozy community and teacher really want you to succeed. They are willing to go the extra mile and keep you caught up.
The overall experience of the people I have met and the support from the teachers was unbelievable. I would like to change the way the administration is towards issues that arise from time to time.
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The opportunities at the high school are wonderful. My favorite activity is that as part of the national honor Society, my daughter spends her academic advisory class once a week to work with students who are struggling in specific areas. I believe we learn more when we are teaching others, not just regarding academics but also in getting along with people of different abilities. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed joining activities such as Students Against Destructive decision-making, National Honor Society, Leadership team; along with playing girls golf, basketball and soccer.
It’s a nice school and pretty well funded for being in the middle of a cornfield. The sports get a lot of attention and money while the clubs and arts suffers. The administration isn’t very fair while dealing out consequences and certain athletes can walk scot from while someone not in a sport gets a ridiculous punishments. Most of the teachers are very fair and easy to get along with but the teachers who are just there to coach its obvious they don’t want to be there. Overall it’s a decent school.
I have made some lifelong friends, teachers are willing to help when your struggling, and the school provides a great learning experience.
Overall attending central high school has been a pretty good experience. The food at the cafeteria may be gross, but the staff and school really does try to make everyone there feel as safe as can be. We have quite a few drill especially fire ones. Our teachers do their best to make sure us students understand the material and are getting the help they need.
I love going to central high school! I’ve made many friends and really like many of the teachers there. They have a very diverse curriculum with many options to choose from. Go Rockets!
I really do love my high school. Its decently sized but not too big. Only downside is the science department isn't the greatest.
My experience with the teachers at Central, especially in the Arts (Choir, Band/ Concert Band, Drawing/ Painting) was meaningful and very helpful to my success as an art major. They helped propel me to become more confident, more skillful, and more aware of others and how they play a part in our lives. Another section of the school, the English department, is also filled with fun and quirky teachers who make learning engaging and dynamic. The English teachers will always help you to write your best and showcase how to be a great writer and a great teacher. Lastly, the social studies department is a place where you can learn about others and about how you want to progress as a person. The AP Psychology and Sociology/ Social Dynamics teachers both have a teaching style that helps your brain remember the information-- which makes learning easier and more effective. The teachers are also very kind and considerate toward the students.
I loved my teachers, clubs, and coaches. The programs and assemblies that were hosted by student council were amazing because they were student led. I wish the school hung up more students artwork around the school to dress up the gray walls.
I have been attending Central High School for the past four years. This school has allowed myself to find my place in the music and arts program. Not only through clubs/extracurriculars, but also through the academics and teachers. A big goal that my school exercises is making the students feel college ready. There are many resources provided in order to accomplish such goal. With the help of counselors, college advisors coming in to visit, dual credit programs, and more, it is preparing the future generations for a path of success.
The staff is amazing, always evolving and trying new things. As far as academics the teachers care about the success of the students. I think the only area where the school needs to improve is administration. In the past 4 years they've changed the school's schedule 3 times and it's setting students up for failure. The administration is trying to push too many changes all at once, changes that the student body does not agree with.
Central High School, located in Burlington, IL, isn't a massive school by any means; it is surrounded by corn fields and rolling hills. In 5th grade, I moved from Charleston, South Carolina and began my education in the school district 301. Since that day, I have met amazing friends, realized my passion for singing and the arts, been apart of the varsity cheer program, taken four years of German, and so much more! My time at this school is not yet over, but I know that when it comes to an end I will carry it with me throughout college and wherever life takes me. The staff truly cares about every student's well being; they even helped me chose the college, Minnesota State University Mankato, that I recently committed to! The opportunities provided at Central have helped shape me into the person I am today, and I couldn't be more thankful to be a rocket.
It's good so far and I have made really good friends , I am from congo sof learning English isn't easy I am learning and the teacher are very nice and coool
Overall, my experience at Central has been alright. I enjoy the sports and I think the academics are well rounded, but I do not like the administration. A lot of my classmates feel the same. Our students are very involved with school spirit and clubs, but the administration tends to take away from that sometimes.
Great staff and all willing to help and work with kids!! It is clean and always ready for the next day of learning! Many of us kids have amazing opportunities to learn and grow.
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What I love most about this school is the clubs and activities they provide. There are a handful of them and there's a club for everyone. I just wished that more of the students were involved because, of course, there are students who associate club members with "nerds" or "try hards." Academics are pretty good, however there are some teachers that don't teach as well as they should or as passionate as other teachers. The school, especially Guidance, does a great job preparing students for high school.
Academically, this school performs really well, but when it comes to the diversity and lunch, they are lacking.
I haven't been a part of any club or organization during high school, but of what I have heard from friends clubs offer activities and games and information about other things. Other things would be general knowledge on what to prevent from happening, taking precaution on a certain issue.
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