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I come from a very small town, and I believe it made my experience more enjoyable. Because my school has less than 200 students, I was able to create personal relationships with my teachers, and they were genuinely invested in my academic experience. I also believe that it fostered better relationships between the students, because everybody knew everybody. Bullying and harassment issues were never a pressing problem at my school, because of this. Overall, I feel as though I have has a great high school experience.
The school is a pretty safe place. The nurse is always there when you need her. Bullying isn't a big problem either, or personal safety.
Most of the extracurricular opportunities are sports at our school. They are together practicing just about everyday after school. Clubs meet most of the time either before or during free time at school, and if they are after school it is for a dinner or something. I think FBLA is the most popular option at our school. For most people at my school though it is football or basketball.
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I have to say my favorite experience of high school is the football games, and how much the whole community gets involved with it. I can say i would do it all over again, but that isn't because of the school. Its just that high school in general is pretty hard on a kid. I love the school and most of the people in it. The school activities are great and even the community gets really involved in them as well. School has been pretty great all around except for the work but that's life, and it has help me get a great education to be able to think i am smart enough to go and graduate from college.
The teachers at my school are very helpful. If you need the help they will try and make themselves available to help you. They are very knowledgeable about what they are teaching us about everyday. Most of the teachers will have us write notes on what they teaching us so we will have something to look back on and to study come time for a test. They are pretty good teachers all together, they are pretty nice and helpful to the students as well. They have pretty good communication as well, and they grade all our papers and we usually get them back within a day or two. They also have a great deal of technology to help us get use to it.
Any high school student would say their school isn't the best. There will always be things that could be changed, but overall, it is a good high school to attend.
The band is very accepting and has made my experience worth it
The teachers say they are against bullying but they don't consider it bullying unless its happened more than once, an have been known to tell students not to be tattle tales
It's great however there isn't a vegetarian friendly lunch and that seems to be a problem for those students
The dress code goes over board
Most of the sports equipment is old
Some teachers are great and some could do better
After school Band practice is fabulous and fun.
I believe the school I am attending is pretty safe.
I would choose this school again because my teachers are very helpful. I have great experiences.
I have nothing to complain about with our lunch, except when we have the things I do not like. I understand though, you can not please everyone at once.
We are a lucky school. Many schools have to wear uniforms, not us. Some students take advantage of the smallest rules we have, which could ruin something good for everyone. If someone is bullying someone it gets handled quick.
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Our coaches put in a lot of work with our teams to make them become better.
The teachers I have had were great! When I was struggling they were there to help me.
There is always some sort of activity or club where everyone can fit in.
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