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I love being a part of so many different activities at Central. The main issue, however, is funding. Programs such as band and choir are poorly funded, which greatly limit how the students in the programs can preform.
People who don’t go to Central think it’s a bad school, but it’s a great school. I wouldn’t change anything about the school, I like the way they do things.
The administration was not very well organized, however some of the teachers really stood out to give the best education to their students,
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I made a lot of friends during high school. Even though we didn't win a lot of games the sports teams and coaches were awesome. The teachers were great as well.
My personal experience has been quite unpleasant. Poor communication between administration and the rest of the school, leading to disasters. Teachers often left unaware of constant last minute schedule changes, students' voices not heard by admin, guidance counselors and teachers always overwhelmed by amount of work due to admin's poor communication skills. No proper or fair disciplinary action taken at the school. Allows rambunctious kids to continue trashing the place (they're understaffed on custodians so it stays in a biohazardous state) and disrespecting adults while decent students end up in ISS or even OSS. The school is completely unprotected. Special needs children are often treated poorly, their caretakers often having no credentials. The food literally makes students sick. There are so many more issues I didn't even mention. The place is a dumpster fire, but the teachers are often pretty great and some of the clubs are quite redeeming. I'll give them that. Go Bears!!!
Central to me was a platform to get through to the nearby community college to take Dual Enrollment classes while in high school to better my education. Without those classes and a couple other Advanced Placement classes I would not have been nearly as ready for college as I was. The sports are terrible, there is no funding for anything other than football, men's basketball, and mostly ROTC. I played women's soccer and we did not get nearly as many luxuries as did most other teams. Unfortunately, the administration did not see fit that I could have a signing day ceremony at the school when I received a scholarship to play college soccer. I feel as if there are many things that the school can do to improve the school spirit.
What I liked about Central High School is how they do safety. With all the dangers of school shootings going around, this school makes sure it takes safety seriously. Also like the outdoor concept to make it like a college campus, but doesn't work during hot or rainy days. What could change is to update the school. The AC has broken down quite a bit during the first month and should be replaced. The cafeteria is a bit small for 2000 students, so they need to expand it a little.
So far Central High School is a blast! It has been fun, the teacher are help full along with guidance and office members. I dislike the students, rude and disrespectful. I like to see more respectful students with school spirit.
There's two stars missing just because some of the staff is mildly racist and mean or incredibly rude. Newsflash the title adult doesn't come with respect, you get respect by being a respectable person. If you treat 16-18 year olds like children and yell at them for no reason or question their every movement they're going to be pretty rude back.
I think this school does well when it comes to dual enrollment and AP courses but not very well with some of the teachers that teach these courses. The allied health program is phenomenal due to the teacher Ms,Brooks being very hands-on. We don't have very good sports teams but that isn't very important. The guidance counselors and most of administration should do better when it comes to helping the students because some are left out of things or are being told the wrong information. I feel as if the upperclassmen. should engage more with the underclassmen. This is a better school, in my opinion, than Springstead.
Central is an amazing and extremely diversed school that has many different opportunitieswhen attending the school to learn and have fun at the same time.
Central High School is a really unique place. It has faculty who really cares about their students future and wants them to succeed. They do everything they can to make the students life easier. I think the only thing they can improve on is the motivation.
Our school is very open I think there could be a fence with gates that could border the school for safety. One good thing is that our school is very high tech and there's a lot of electives that you could get certified for.
I loved the administration and the faculty at Central. They were very helpful and loved what they were doing. The teachers were very passionate. One thing that I would of liked to change was the school spirit. The way the school organized school events was poor.
when i transferred to a different school it was very clear that central students were severely behind students from other schools.
I like many things about Central High School. It is one of the smallest schools in our county so I feel like all of the students know each other. I feel some of the teachers care about the students like family. Some things I would like to see about Central High school change are the school culture and more AP classes available. I feel that if we were encouraged to have more school spirit it would bring more pride and respect for the school from students and that would help our over all school spirit. I am very happy that I attended Central high school
Im now graduating Central high School and I can finally say that these have been the best four years of my life. Yes, Central high wasn't the best school for sports. And yes, we've lost the most students due to something fatal, but it brought our school more together than ever. You walk into Central and its like a big family. We do things to prosper and grow as a school. The students and the administration make the whole school. Very good school, with great programs and classes. Overall, i'm glad I chose to go to Central and that I've met all these wonderful people that I will never forget. Theres nothing to change.
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I liked the layout of the campus, but that's really it. The staff act as if you are a nuisance for every needing to speak to them and never seem to have time for you, and the curriculum is borderline elementary (which may be a problem outside of their means of control, but it is in need of attention nonetheless).
It's a nice small school where everybody knows each other and most of the teachers are good. The only bad thing is that it looks bad compared to all the nearby schools.
I've had a good experience so far. I like the teachers , they are very good at explaining things. They could change their food.
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