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Most teachers dont know how to teach a class or just dont care enough, students are all entitled rich kids trying to act like someone they arent.
I really enjoy going to Brookfield Central high school. Many high schoolers dread waking up to go to school, but I enjoy going to school. BC offers a variety of different rigorous courses. I also love going to sporting events with my friends. Our team won state in basketball last year and honestly it was something I will remember forever. BC has given me a lot of different opportunities throughout my
High school career. I’m very grateful that I was able to go here.
Very little diversity not a B+
You can almost count the number of black students attending the school on your fingers
Facilities are in good condition
Money flows
Most students are in some sort of extra curricular activity (clubs, sports, ect.)
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I go to central right now. The bad things are kids are getting arrested for selling and smoking weed, the teachers are not the best and the students are not very kind. This school needs to change and this is why I give it a one star.
To start off, if you're a star athlete or a talented actor/singer then yay, you have come to the right place! At Brookfield Central High School, the only thing we care about is the sports teams (I'm really only talking about the boys' basketball and football team because every other sport is completely ignored) and our annual musical (to which I will admit, the music department here is pretty good/talented). Are are you planning on coming here for academics? Well, I'm sorry to inform you that you picked the wrong school for that--you should consider attending Brookfield East or Brookfield Academy instead. I say this because only 4-5 teachers here actually catch my eye as exemplary teachers. A large bulk of the teachers here A) don't know how to teach a class, B) don't care about what they are teaching, or C) don't enjoy and are not passionate about teaching. I really hope you rethink your decisions and relook at your options before choosing to attend Brookfield Central High School.
I loved my experience at Brookfield Central High School. The teachers are all caring and compassionate about teaching. Technology has become an important part of learning and allowing all students to have a computer helps with the overall learning in classrooms instead of changing classrooms.
I love going here. and this is the perfect place for people. It makes everyone feel welcome and included. I feel properly challenged when I go to school
Students do academically well over all, and teachers and parents involvement is good as well. Athletics are Division 1, and there were a few State Scholar Athele Award recipients in past.
Brookfield Central has diverse classes and overall great teachers, and the school has something new going on every year. However, this high school tends to overlook some serious problems going on with students.
I have been to a lot of different schools and I must say that here is the best school that I´ve been to.
I love Brookfield Central and I’m so glad I made the switch from DSHA. I sent my daughter there for a year and pulled her out the chance I got. It was not worth the money and when I put my daughter in Central she strived. They challenged the kids and made them work. My daughter is at Madison now and got a 29 on the ACT. She always says how easy it is and how Central has prepared her. Send your kids here and you’ll have no regrets.
I love Brookfield Central. Education is wonderful and they push the kids past the limit to exceed. Forget private schools like DSHA and Marquette, they aren’t worth your money. My son had gone off to Boston College and my daughter is at Northwestern. It has well prepared them and they feel like what they are learning in certain areas is like what they learned they’re junior and senior years at BC. Definitely recommend it!
Academics, sports, and activities wise, this school is pretty great, but administration sucks. For example, last year, a student assaulted another student, and they barely mentioned it (an email about an 'incident' was sent to parents, but that was it). Like could they have not talked about assault in Lancer Link or something?
It's difficult to articulate, but I feel like they care more about academics and sports than their actual students ( as the former influence reputation more). Also, the atmosphere here isn't necessarily competitive, but most people are pretty smart, which can make you feel like you're underperforming. Despite this, BCHS barely talks about mental health, and when they do, it's oversimplified. Like I'm a 4.0 student, and I'm glad that this school provided me with so many opportunities, but I wish I could redo high school somewhere else.
Also, there's racist, homophobic, etc. kids (since, you know, telling students to not be dicks is too political).
I am a junior at Brookfield central and the environment is welcoming and helps me succeed. Most teachers are willing to help you antime and are very good at teaching and are well experienced in their field. The environment is nice and mostly happy. The people in the school seem genuinely interested in their learning and teachers like to help with that.
I never saw a problem with safety in my school. Bulling was evident online and off, but nothing too severe. I never felt unsafe on the property.
From Key Club to Yearbook there are a lot of clubs Central had to offer. Many of the student are in clubs for all four years. You can see students dedicated to making a fantastic Yearbook or even TYRO, the school paper. Most popular options might have been Key Club, TYRO, and Student Council.
Over all, I give BCHS a good score. Because I was the type of girl who didn't have a huge friend group, I stuck to a few close friends. Central is unique because of our diverse population, high quality athletics, and academic history. I'd do it all over to take classes I didn't prioritize in school - like drawing or photography. I'd also take it again to expand my friend group.
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Teachers, especially for AP classes, really knew how to talk to and explain information to students. I don't think I ever had a bad teacher. Some teachers are simply hilarious and know how to keep a class going with block-type scheduling. Others take a more serious approach but are personable. Most, if not all of my teachers knew I was a student athlete. I even had some teachers as coaches. I'm glad I went to BCHS.
The main and most popular extracurricular activities are athletic teams such a football,cheer, track and field, soccer, baseball, softball, etc. The school in general help support to these activities with attendance, spirit days, and administration uses many of its funds to aid the teams. The level of commitment is very high, athletes are required to attend practice everyday or multiple times a week, maintain successful in academic performance, and be an example of the school in and out of campus. On the other hand, other clubs are offered that can display the many passion and talents of others such as theater. We also use our clubs to be actively involved in the community. We have Red Kettle Club that works with the Salvation Army, NSHS and Student Counsel that constantly help out through service, and lastly we offer K'nex that focuses on bring diversity together and use it to unite our students body and community through activities and fundraisers.
Currently my favorite experience of this year would have to be the school tradition of the Homecoming dance. This is because the social environment at this school is so positive with no contention hat everyone at this school is able to interact with one another. The music was current but not vulgar and the atmosphere was enlightening.

If I could choose to be able to attend to this school again I would because the level of education is high yet flexible. I make this statement because even though its a high level of education, every student has the opportunity and access to resources to help aid and improve themselves. This school makes me feel comfortable, accepted, and hopeful to be successful.
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