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Some of my teachers, exceeded my expectations and supported me throughout the school year. We have a reasonable amount of student resources such as Chromebooks and textbooks. But we seriously lack safety. Many of the students in my grade level are distracting and lack self-control. Simply said, they do not take school seriously. School is a playground to them. I would recommend investing in "mental health" awareness. This is a behavioral issue. To stop the aggression, drugs, fights, bullying, and unnecessary drama. My classmates, need someone to talk to. A behavioral therapist to be specific. Someone experienced, who will get them out of their bad habits, and promote healthy behaviors. This is the most efficient method, so that they actually UNDERSTAND what they did wrong and can change their fixed mindsets. Everyone can make a change, if you give them a push in the right direction. ~Sincerely, Central High School Senior
At Central High School, I was a part of the Magnet program. The Magnet program provided more rigerous courses compared to a regular high school. There were many AP and ECE classes that were avaible to me and I did take. To be able to have those oppertunties to get college credit was amazing. There was also a lot of help from staff members to help us plan for our futures and support us. The atmosphere was so positive and light. There was always something fun going on with the staff, principle or the events we have. There are many clubs and activites to part take in too. I did mostly community service and clean ups, but there are clubs that you talk about video games or religion. There is something there for everyone and everyone (including the students) are very friendly. My high school experience could not have been better with another school. Hilltoppers for life!
I liked the diversity of Central High, I just felt like people were stuck in their own friend groups and it could sometimes be really hard to find friends or new friends.
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Some teachers really cared about their students, which was nice. There was no sense of bonding between the students. There were a lot of fights too.
I loved the community there was at Central High. I recently graduated and I can honestly say that it was hard to leave the school where I felt supported by guidance counselors, my principle, teachers, and classmates. I felt so safe in school and as if I had individuals I can go to if something was going on at home. It was easy to be heard as well. My class worked together to create new annual activities such as field day, march madness, etc. It was amazing how supportive, understanding, and helpful our principle and class advisors were and the importance that was given to our opinions and suggestions.
One change I would like to see is the college career readiness classes having more focus on scholarship applications. I feel like the focus was else where. Therefore this means that I would like to see teachers listening to our opinions just as our principle and class advisors would.
Teachers care, they’re great. They try to be available to the student as much as they can. When I went they didn’t have much classes available other than the standard classes, but now they offer so much more.
Central was a eye opening experience that held me to high expectations which changed how I look at school. My work ethic stepped up and I feel more valued If I maintain high grades amongst peers. The classroom became more of a competition so I had to work hard to come out on top.

The teachers encourage students to take leaps and challenge comfort zones. Creating a student of high resilience. This lead to better time management and knowing how to balance life where priorities must be set in place outside of the classroom.

In AP Environmental Science, the class made me see the Earth and industrialization as a serious game changer over the years. This grew a care for me of how waste affects the ground water supply that we rely on. Sustainable living is the future, and the way the world works, I takes small change for a cleaner environment.
My experience of central was scared. Being a freshmen was exciting and scary to me because I’m movingly to a bigger level and don’t have to experience I did in the middle school, so it was something to get used to. Throughout the years of high school and being a senior I realize it’s more stressful and more responsibilities I have to take care of. High school make me think about the little girl I was before and how I didn’t have to worry much about things because I’m not in that higher level, but now that I understand and put so much work into my grades and work I know not to play around and procrastinate because that’s going to be my GPA. Central have been very helpful to me and my academics I made sure I had positive/good attitude, work very hard for my accomplishments, and work to achieve my goals because I know that’s going to work my way up to graduate soon and get into the college I want to.
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I started Central as a Sophomore. I always attended private school so coming to Central I was scared and a little intimidated. The teachers are great and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Something I like about Central high school is the diversity of the school. You will find people from all over the world and different culture.
Something I would change about the school would be the clubs and activities the school has to offer. We have a lot of spots but we don't have a lot of clubs
As a former magnet student of Central High School, I can honestly say that the four years I have spent at Central were nothing less than amazing. The magnet program in Central is supportive, rigors and providing for the students. We have teachers that truly care about the students and even go as far as working overtime to make sure their students are more than ready for exams. The resources and support students will receive in the magnet program of Central are out of this world and the reason for such great support is all thanks to the dedicated academic staff that work tirelessly with the students to ensure their success.
What I like about Central High School is the comfort it brings in the classroom. I just came to this school, I was overwhelmed by its academic oasis and I knew it was the perfect place to continue my studies and get ready for college life.
I have been attending Central Highschool, enrolled in the magnet program for 4 years. Overall this institution truly cares about the well being of the students. Of course, no one school is perfect but Central is very close. I see great potential in the future of the school and the individuals that attend. I am honored to say that i was able to attend this school and soon ill be able to say I have graduated from such a prestigious institution.
What I like about Central High School is that many of the teachers show a lot of effort and care into preparing us for college or just our future in general. The atmosphere in the school is overall a feeling of comfort, due to the great diversity of students it has.
Before I came to Central High School, I've heard from people saying that Central High School is a horrible school with horrible administration. But once I came to the school in 9th grade, all the rumors that people have told me were false. Central isn't a bad school at all. Yes, there are ups and downs but every school has that. The teachers and staff at Central care about the students and their success. Now I'm a Senior there and everything is still fine there. I wouldn't say Central is a perfect high school because there's no such thing as a perfect high school. But I could say Central High School does want people to reach their goals in life and see them succeed.
Central high school has a great magnet program but the regular school is poor. We don't get the same resources as magnet children. Teachers treat us with no respect and sometimes the don't even teach us. one day my teacher walked in and decided not to teach us. I took one magnet class my senior year and it was the best thing that ever happen to me the teacher was very involved in my education.
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I honestly hatted being a student here, I felt like the building was always dirty, the girls bathroom always had a strong nasty smell and that there were too few teachers that actually cared about the well being and success of students. The security guards would get caught up in the teenage drama and at times instigate fights.
Central High School is a good school, the teachers are friendly and the classes are nice. Students are somewhat friendly. Administration sets discipline rules and carries them out
I started at Central my Freshman year and I love it. The environment is so nice and sweet. The teachers are always there for extra help.
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