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I like how involved the teachers and administration are with the students. They want to make sure that we succeed in life after high school.
My experience at Central has been good. I graduate in May and I would say I had an overall great time at Central.
At first Central High School was rather overwhelming. As the years followed overwhelming turned to tolerable, now as my time with Central High School is drawing near the end I have come to love our little school. I believe there are many benefits to being in a small school. Smaller classes with more ability for 1 on 1 attention. Where the smaller school also poses a problem with fewer extracurricular activities offered. Also less variety for classes offered.
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I love the amount of opportunities to be involved. There are many clubs to be apart of and many extracurricular activities to participate in. One thing I would like to see changed at Central is the college readiness. I do not feel prepared for college. I do not know how to write papers well because I have not been taught how to do so.
The school nurses are very educated and have previously been in healthcare.
There are many things to get involved in.
Personally, almost all of my teachers have been great ones.
At Bolivar central high school we are surround by police officers and have to wear IDs around our neck in order for them to see if we fit the description on our IDs. The teachers are awsome, but some of the students run them over ruining the learning process for others, causing most of the best teachers to leave.The principal is the best principal any school could have but most students take advantage of the man for his kind-hearted nature. Mostly it the students that always getting into trouble who do all of this and I am tired of it.
My overall experience at my school has been great. Bolivar Central has taught me a lot. What makes my school unique is my principal. He's the best ever. He's there for all of his students and he never wants to leave one student behind.
The teachers at my school are okay. Some teachers can't teach at all, it's like why did they even bother to be a teacher? They're a few that can teach extremely good and I give those their props.
Love the school it has its likes and dislikes
Dont like school food YUCK
We have tons of principles for each grade group
We have enough good things for everyone to have what they need in order to practice
Teachers are nice we have mostly older teachers and thats fine because they have alot of knowledge
They have alot of fun things to do sowing bridge builders everything its very cool
Most work hard and are knowledgeable in their fields.
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Facilities are old. A new school is needed. Heating is erratic, at best. Need more technology and support. Difficult to keep up with what other schools have available. but not too bad for a poor, rural town in Tennessee. Parental involvement is encouraged but it is usually related to band, sports or when they feel their child has been wrongly accused of something.
I'm attending a fantastic university and doing very well.
mostly football, baseball, softball and basketball
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