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Central High is definitely not a bad school but it is lacking in a few categories. They have almost completely got rid of the theater department except for talented theater which not every student has access to. Also, they mostly focus the school's budget on sports and barely give any for the arts. Central High has taken away a large portion of the upper level art classes because they find them "unnecessary." As an art student wanting to go to art school, this is very important to me and the fact that my school barely cares about something so important in students lives is terrible.
What I like about Central High School is the fact they focus on your future. They prepare you very well for different types of testing such as state test, ACT, and others you’re required to take. I also love that the teachers or counselors will take time out of their day to help you individually.
I would like to see a greater focus on the arts. The some of the teachers are very dedicated to the students. The administration is sad. After school activities are limited to sports. The options for classes you can take are very few.
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The arts programs are not very good. There is no longer a true theater program. The teachers are helpful.
The school stresses college/workplace readiness, and most (if not all) students will graduate with some form of college credit (AP, DE, CLEP) or industry credential (CNA, Dental assisting, etc.)
Central High School is, in my opinion, a great school. The teachers are nice and very helpful. Anytime I needed help with anything there was always a staff member willing to help. There is not really anything I would change and when it comes to the dress code it is strict but I feel like it is necessary. All in all the school and the students are good.
Central High School has plenty of potential as a school. I liked the care they put into academics whether you are planning on going to trade school or a four year university. I would like the school to be more inclusive of the arts, as well as other non-core/CTE electives. My freshman year, we had so many different electives from judo to painting to mythology, and now you can only take basic electives that go towards graduation requirements or double up on core classes. I would like to see more diversity in classes you can take, and appreciation for arts, drama, and music.
I started attending CHS (Central High School) my freshman year. I was on their sports team and loved it. Although, there is a lot of favoritism being passed around. The school itself, is a decent school. The staff try their best to make the place a comfortable place to be around.
There are some things that could be improved upon in Central High School. For example, most of the science department, for all grade levels, is unsatisfactory to the majority of the student body. Also, some rules here are too strict and overbearing at times. Overall, the school will provide a good education, but there are fields that need improvement.
Central High School provides a supportive atmosphere affording each student the opportunity to achieve success during their high school career and beyond.
Central is a good public school that is growing; and needs to offer more college courses to their students.
Overall it’s a good school. The faculty is very helpful and provides you with everything you need to succeed. It has many clubs that you can join like Mu Alpha Theta and a 4H Club.
I liked the diversity and the endless options of course, elective and core. I also like their flex system, which is something similar to homeroom except it's everyday except on Monday.
The teachers have been so easy to talk to and they truly love teaching. The learning environment was perfect!
Central High School is a great community school. It allows students to have access to a great education without leaving their area.
Central High School gave me many memorable experiences. I attended this school all four years of my high school career. There are many perks to this school. This school may not be the nicest school compared to how high schools in other states look but we make up for it with academics and athletics. Central is always very high in education in the state and the school has one many state championships in many different sports. This school offers many programs such as
Central High School is a wonderful high school. It is second in the state of Louisiana. The school has wonderful teachers and many opportunities to expand you education.
I enjoyed most of the teachers. Many of them are very passionate and get along well with students. A lot of the staff is very amiable and willing to help with anything and everything. I do have issues with the communication though. Currently, the school has terrible communication skills. Information is mixed up, and often times makes little sense to the students and teachers. This can result in the students being punished if they don't ere on the side of caution.
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I have had a very pleasant experience here at Central High School. The faculty are all kind and do a wonderful job preparing us for college and the workforce.
Central High School is an above average, public school located in Baton Rouge, LA. It has 1,364 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. According to state test scores, 74% of students are at least proficient in math and 88% in reading Central High School is committed to providing a top-notch education, giving students the best high school experience possible, and being a benefit to our community. Our professional, hard working faculty and staff works to make every day a great day and we pride ourselves on making CHS a safe, efficient, effective and fun school. Our course offerings, clubs, arts and athletics all work together to make sure that every student can find their place.
Central High School is your average small town school; it is exceptionally average. Though sometimes it has its small perks, it often has hypocritical administration, dirty facilities, and often feels more like an institution than a community. Most teachers are bearable, with a few exceptional ones sprinkled in, but many that coddle teenagers like kindergarteners. Instead of singling out the idiotic few, they prefer to punish the majority innocent mass. More challenging academics, and a more understanding, less test-score-driven administration would make this school a much better place.
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