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I love central the teachers are amazing and everyone is very understanding and helpful. The way the classes are set up is very good. We do block scedualing.
They're are so many good things about Central High School. Some of the teachers really connect with their students, by helping them with their homework after school and being supportive of all extracuricular activies.
A lot of people will complain about this school but in reality those are the kids who don’t care about their school work and don’t care about school in general and are now trying to get their revenge on a school that had all the resources for them but they were too busy doing drugs. I love going to this school very much, the teachers are motivated, 95% of the administration actually cares and the coaches invest so much time in your benefit.
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It was not the best experience. We live in an agricultural state and did not get an FFA chapter or any agricultural courses until the year of 2017. It was not the best experience I was hoping for in high school but i made the best of it. I excelled in my academic courses and in my FFA chapter.
I liked the overall high school experience at Central. However, a lot of the rules were very strict and ruined a lot of my time at Central. Students are not allowed to carry backpacks, their phones, their water bottles have to be clear, their shorts have to be a certain length, shoulders could not be shown, etc. Sometimes with all of the rules, I felt as though I was going to school in jail. After all the rules have been followed I did not feel like myself. It was hard to express myself.
The school wasn't very united. My sisters both went to different schools and their school had a lot more school spirit. Central just doesn't have that. The sports teams hate each other instead of cheering each other on. They also have some ridiculous rules.
One good thing about the school is the teachers. The majority of the teachers are fantastic and love their students. There are always a few bad teachers but for the most part they are very good at what they do. The librarians are probably the nicest people I have ever met.
i hate this place with the burning passion of a thousand suns. i never want to be at school. everything sucks here. the food is ok.
I love Central High School! I had a very wonderful experience! Teachers worked hard to see each and every student succeed. I always felt included and I always had a good time. Something I would change is the coat rule. We are not allowed to wear winter coats in school. I do not agree with this rule because the school can be very cold some days. I also would like to see each student with a laptop. Many schools around Central have laptops for each student. I think this is a good idea in order to be up to date with technology and information.
Central High School is a great school to attend. There is a vast array of classes to choose from that can be tailored to your interests and career plans. The teachers are all friendly and are willing to help you with almost anything. All activities provided by the school are professional and strive for the success and progress of all students involved.
Great teachers that know how to engage students in the learning process and teaches them to not only know the information but to understand it. The overall campus is also very pleasing and the environment is especially welcoming and helping. The classes also teach students how to work effectively in school and prepares them for life as well.
Central is good with finding a group of friends you can fit in with. I have loved meeting the people I have there. The bad thing is a lot of the groups stay to themselves.
I had a great high school experience! I got involved with dance team and sideline cheer, through which I met amazing friends. I felt like my teachers at Central truly cared about me as a person, rather than just as a student. Like all other high schools, there can be lots of cliques which is something I would like to see change; however, I think that’s a change that would need to happen within each student. Each student would need to have the mindset of being welcoming to new people and going out of their way to form connections with new people.
The rules are too strict. The dress code for girls is that you cannot show your shoulders or knees. All of the students are rude and the teachers do not care much. Also some teachers don't really care about you they just want to get their day over with and get paid.
All of my high school teachers worked very well with the students to maintain good grades as well as making sure everyone understood the topics well. There is a great diversity in cultures, races, and ethnicities. There isn't much that I would like to see changed.
Central is a great place to learn if you make connections early on. The administration is happy to help but you have to go to them. The biggest issue at the school is their attitude towards change, but this is more on the administrative/higher ups than the teachers themselves. The teachers are encouraging, fine arts program is fantastic, and athletics admirable as well.
I really like that Central has so many different classes you can take. No matter what you're interested in, you'll probably find a class you like. There are also great opportunities to get ahead on college planning, including the option of dual credit courses. However, I do wish there were more options for honors and college-level classes for everyone.
Central High School is an average, everyday high school. However, from a student's perspective, there are a few things it can improve on. The teachers are typical, but not all of them put forth the effort in helping their students achieve academic success. You will often find your school work to become difficult as some teachers do not take the time to help kids progress. You are also unable to carry your school supplies in a bag which makes moving from one class to another a bit more of a struggle. You will find many students who drop their papers and books in the hallway. Besides the school's flaws, it has a great student population. Most students throughout the school are friendly and open to others. If you are going through tough situations or just need help in academics, they are there to help. Although the school may not be anything special, it is quite decent.
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The school overall was pretty good. The teachers were nice, there are a lot of activities to get involved in, and the class options are very diverse. The technical school allows us to gain the knowledge needed for specific career paths and the counselors and teachers are always there for help.
It's a pretty basic average high school, but my experience definitely could have been better. There are a limited number of AP classes (only 7 available on campus) and a low number of clubs or extracurricular activities that aren't sports. The arts, specifically visual arts, are not supported very well, which is not good. I also feel that college prep is stressed only to the extent that students will stay in South Dakota or the Midwest in general, and offers little help to those that actually want to get out into the world. Socially, I liked that cliques weren't a huge problem, nor was bullying/fights/etc. But overall, I found activities and subjects I was interested in and tried my best to succeed.
There are so many different classes you can take at Central. The teachers are very enthusiastic about learning and want everyone to preform to the best of their ability. I think our curriculum is challenging, but challenging students can also be very crucial.
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