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Central High School - Freshman Campus Reviews

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I had a great year at Central Freshman. I liked meeting new kids from Lee. The teachers and the principal really care about the students. The lunch is closed campus so you could see everyone at lunch.
The teachers are not always the best and the faculty could definitely focus more on the students' well-being. The Academics are alright but sometimes it is hard to work with teachers that do not understand the individual needs of students.
There isn't as much trouble happening on campus to have it highly protected.
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Some clubs get more attention than other clubs.
I had a great experience at school because of the people I met. However if I could go back I would change a couple of situations about how i approached my education. I would go back to do better. I wasn't a horrible student but I know if I had put forward more effort I could of had even better grades.
There are teachers who seem nor to enjoy their job, which is disappointing. However the others are doing their best, which is all any one can hope for.
The overall facilities are average other than technology-involved rooms and objects.
The facilities and equipments for sports and fitness in Central freshmen campus is very limited. And I mean VERY limited. However most of the major sports are in the main campus (Central High School).
Great teachers, although small rules such as no-cell phone policy gets in the way of student-teacher relationships often. Recommend taking higher-education course. Although it might be tough, it is worth the class because of the teachers.
Not very diverse because of the geographical location. Also there are "cliques" and "popular groups", however that is the case with every single school.
I played football at this school- sports seemed to be most of the clubs. However it is poorly funded and it could use better infrastructure and equipments
The school's security is mainly managed by the principals and assistant principals. They act as both guidance counselors(although there are counselors at school who are very helpful) and security along with being assistant principles. In every event that involved the mass of the school, the staff were very involved and active in security.
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