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More teachers that are prepared ,because some of the teachers their are un prepared and don’t actually teach the students
Central High East Campus is a great high school to attend. They importance extracurricular activities and have many accomplishments from that. I am a recent alumni and I experienced great years at that campus. They can definitely improve on their staff, in terms of how some of them teach classes and how discipline is done and handled.
I loved how the teachers taught students. I liked being involved in my school clubs such as: Interact and Jakarta Club. I feel very proud to be a part of this family where teachers and all school staff is very helpful to all the students regardless of their race or background. I took out one star because the food at this school is very terrible and discussing. I suggest to food department that they should bring new lunch menu. I have attended other school at different state but their food was great and everybody wants to eat happily but no one at central liked the food that was given even teachers complained. In every single class I was so challenged by my teachers in academics. Overall, I had fun and enjoyed my high school years.
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Central is a love it, hate it kind of school. It has it's moments of brilliance and beauty. Still, it's very flawed. Classes are overcrowded and teachers are underpaid. If you're lucky, you'll get a passionate teacher that truly understands and loves the subject the teach. If not, you'll likely do close to no learning.
My experience at Central High School is interesting because our system is different than other schools in the city and the environment is interesting and safe.
My experience at Central High School was really good, thanks to the music department and a few teachers who really had an impact on my education. I feel that the school somewhat struggled to get students to excel in academics but did very well in athletics and performing arts.
I enjoyed seeing the diversity on campus and how inclusive everyone was from faculty members to students, with all groups of people. I would definitely try to improve the food, but other than that it was a very welcoming environment and one of the best schools i've been to.
This school in particular actually has 2 campuses, but I'm sure for simplicities sake, they call it the East campus. The other campus is called West campus and is what my review is based on. Most of the teachers when I was there were phenomenal and really did their very best to make sure you succeeded. There were of course some bad apples but I never had any of their classes. I highly recommend taking AP classes at the West campus because the teachers there are far superior than East (except for the Chem teacher, the better one is at East). Other than that, I stand by the stars that I put and I think a student would have a decent high school experience here.
Central High isn’t the best high school to attend neither is it the absolute worst. It’s an average school that have staff that don’t teach. I know a handful of teachers that don’t teach their students and leave their students lost. As a result, these students are filled with anxiety because of their horrible grades. You could say that it is their fault too for not studying in their own time but it is still the teachers’ fault for not actually teaching their student the material. It would be an absolute help if we got some lessons on how to survive in the world and how to actually do useful stuff like driver’s ed in school (which some high schools around the area do). The biggest change it needs is the different music programs such as strings and choir. These programs are underfunded and are barely a priority. All they care about are band, percussion and marching band. I personally played the violin and it was a poorly orchestrated program(Pun intended)
I'm currently a Senior at central and I enjoyed my years here at this school. Yes, there were some obstacles in the way of me even just being satisfied with grades and GPA, but Central students are like one gigantic family that always encourages one another to do and be better.
Central had a very good agriculture program and theatre arts program. With that being said, however, I specifically remember that the class sizes were always too full at East Campus, sometimes there would even be one or two kids without a seat. The lunch was nothing to write home about. The biggest issue with West Campus is the fact that it is in the middle of the country so it would feel like the longest bus ride to and from school, also we had to be at the bus stop at insanely early times so that wasn't cool either.
What I like about Central High School East Campus is the school culture and some teachers that truly care about the success of their students. I also like how our Career Center provides extremely helpful information to guide students towards a great career later in life. I would like to change the way our campus looks by having more people clean up the trash as a rightful duty. There should also be less graffiti and better electronic equipment and other resources for teachers to use for a smooth, insightful instruction. The dress code should be more lenient because people shouldn’t make assumptions based on appearance; however, they should dress appropriately by covering tattoos, prohibiting midriffs, and concealing cleavage.
I like that Central East Campus provides a variety of courses as well as AP courses. Also I am grateful for the Career Center because it serves as a guide for enrolling into college and preparedness.
Central is divided into two campuses: east and west. As an alum from West, I am proud to say I've been a part of the cultural legacy and intellectual community of Central. In large part, I believe Central is a school conducive of college ready students that are both competitive, yet reputable and respectful members of society that strive to change their world for the better. The teachers that teach there impose and reflect that humanitarian behavior. Although we are a school in what is considered an underfunded district and community, there is a silent drive buzzing in each of the students at Central that cannot be found anywhere else. The food could be healthier and our classrooms bigger, but there are things far more vital to the longevity of a school: that which lies in a love for discovery and immersion in culture within students and staff.
I just graduated from Central this year, and I've had quite some time over the last four years to learn and connect with the students, teachers, and faculty. Although I had some rough times with academics, I loved my teachers, and I learned so much. I proudly ended up with a 3.9 overall Gpa, and that wasn't all me. If it wasn't for the help, resources, and some great teachers, I wouldn't have gotten that far.
Central is a good school they have some good teachers as well. Along with that their sports preform excellent. However, like any other school Central needs improvement on things such as their facilities. Though, as a student who has attend this school for almost 4 years I'd pick this school over other school. It's easy to become involved in this school. They offer plenty of clubs, leadership, and sports
During my time attending the school it was rather average experience. It wasn't enough to say that I "didn't want to go to school today", but I just go to school go through the grind and then go home and work on my homework. The Football games were always the event to attend like many highschools. The school dances were particularly enjoyable
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Central East is a very nice Campus it has many electives to choose from. from art all the way to 3d art to web design. All the classes are top notch you're definitely getting a good education. it has a safe and clean environment. The teachers are nice and they answer all questions and they accommodate well for students with illnesses. Central has a unique sports program because a high percentage of students gets scholarships through sports. They also have a good art department and theater. They also have nice counselors on campus to you out. Central also has dances and sports games go to it also has a miny waterpark with two slides it truly is an awesome school.
This campus carries some of the most qualified staff that deliver excellent learning experiences for every student (especially AP teachers), and great counseling to provide aid to those in need.
I think that Central is very good with the education aspect of things. It could use some help with student management and cleanliness. would recommend this school to anyone coming to California.
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