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I like that some of my teachers also teach at a nearby community college and they teach us like the would their college students. They push us to our full potential.
The academics at my school are not what I want them to be. I would like to be challenged more and given a wider variety of classes.
There are not very many extracurricular activities at my school. There are a few sports and a few clubs. There are not a lot of clubs offered though. It is hard to be involved because there is not very much to be involved in. We have FBLA, FFA, FCCLA, Key Club, Student Council, and S.A.D.D. We also have clubs for the arts such as band, drama, forensics, art club, robotics, and choir. Last, we have Spanish Club and Yearbook.
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My experience with this school has varied. I like the small atmosphere of the school and how everybody is like a family. However, I wish that I could go to a school that offered better educations for it's students.
Some of the teachers do not teach. Often times they let their students do whatever they want and do not give assignments. Some of the teachers do not even teach their students, they just give homework and expect their students to learn that way. There are a few teachers who are very good however. They care about their students and their educations and always are coming up with the best ways they can to interest the students and help them learn.
Mostly students go for Agricultural classes, such as, Vet Science, Welding, Horticulture, and Ag. Science.
There are so many things students can get involved in. FFA is the most popular club.
I have never been to a school that all together is really hard on the students because they actually want us to success and be smart.
My teachers at Central Height High School go to great lengths to further my classes learning experiences. I have had a teacher take us on field trips, so we can actually get the experience to enjoy a book we are reading even more.
Central Heights High School has a unique small school environment. I love that everybody gets to know everybody. The teachers are always there for help whenever you need it and always make sure you understand the material.
Sports seems to be the number one priority.
The school is safe. the students arent.
Almost nothing is left out.
I think it's probably normal.
Everyone is super helpful and willing to work
The idea of different is still very new.
The friend and learning experiences've been great
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Our policies are fair and just to everyone in the school and keep everyone in mind.
Health and safety is a major priority at our school.
I don't think there's a better teaching staff in the world. They are so generous to help you out and spend the extra time and effort in you.
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