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Central Heights High School Reviews

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Central Heights has amazing facilities and many outstanding teachers; however, some administrators favor students with wealthy families and influence within the school board and unfairly allow these students freedom do as they please while not permitting other students the same opportunities.
I loved the experience, they made everyone feel like they belonged. They are big in school spirit and school involvement. The teachers are extremely helpful in our classes. I have enjoyed them all. This school has provided me with several opportunities. I have the privilege to attend college courses while I still in high school, and I am extremely thankful for that. This school has showed me endless love and support while giving me an amazing education.
I moved to Central Heights around the end of my Sophomore year. Ever since I moved there, the students and faculty have helped me feel welcomed to their school. Being at Central Heights is like living in a small neighborhood where everybody knows each other, every one helps each other and we are all kind to each other. It's a small school, but we are a family community. It would be hard to make any changes that could drastically improve our school when our staff has already taken those steps to make sure all the students have what they need to gain a well education and feel safe and welcomed at our school.
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Its managable. The teachers put realisticexpectations on their students.
It has its problems, but the faculty does a great job of helping students adjust.
There is a wide varietyof extracurricular opportunities for all levels of students.
Each teacher does their best to engage students.
The support system that Central Heights has from parents for sports is off the wall fabulous! Although, if you are one of those students that is not involved in sport activities than the support from staff and parents dwindles down.
Most of the teaching staff at Central Heights does their best to help students strive for success. Although, just like majority of the schools there is always a handful of staff that does not really seem to care about the learnign experience and approach that they use with educating students. Personally I had a teacher that was not good at math and everyone knew so, yet she is still teaching multiple leaels of mathmatics. Generally the communication skills between the teachers and students is highly rated. As well as the grading consistency that they practice.
This school is good but some of the teachers just don't teach anything and bullying is pretty big around here
The teaching staff helps the students in all ways that's possible. A teacher would stay after school everyday not just to help a failing student but also a passing one.
The health is great at Central Heights High School.
We have a crazy dress code but no matter how crazy it is most people tend to follow it.
At Central Heights High School many people come out and support our sports. Our baseball was ranked 1st in state for a 3A school.
There are many different things you can do at Central Heights High School. From FFA to FCCLA. From the Fishing team to the Swimming team.
Teachers try to help students but give the honors students more privileges.
Dress code is enforced at the beginning of the year but slowly becomes unenforced.
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The tennis program is not very supported financially.
Honors classes are the best.
I love the honors classes offered.
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